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Hypothesis Testing

Inferences from Two Proportions

A student of the author surveyed her friends and found that among 20 males, 4 smoke and among 30 female friends, 6 smoke. Give two reasons why these results should not be used for a hypothesis test of the claim that the proportions of male smokers and female smokers are equal. Given a simple random sample of men and a simple ra

Solving Hypothesis Testing Problems

1. Examine the given statement: The proportion of people aged 18-25 who currently use illicit drugs is equal to 0.20 (or 20%). Now, express the null hypothesis H0 and alternative hypothesis H1 in symbolic form. Be sure to use the correct symbols µ, p, and for the indicated parameter. 2. Refer to the following data: Two-tai

Level of Significance

A small shirt producer, is concerned that the mean weight of their classic shirt is not greater than 3.0 pounds. It can be assumed that the population standard deviation is .9 pounds based on past experience. A sample of 310 hats is selected and the sample mean is 3.15 pounds. Using a level of significance of .05, is there ev

Test Hypothesis for Population Proportions

Please help with the following problem. I need to test the hypothesis (? = 0.05) that the population proportions of red and brown are equal (pred = pbrown). You are testing if their proportions are equal to one another, NOT if they are equal to one another AND equal to 13%. NOTE: These are NOT independent samples, but we w

Performing One Tailed or Two Tailed Hypothesis Test

a. In a similar study using a sample of n = 9 participants, the individuals who wore the shirt produced an average estimate of M= 6.4 with SS = 162. The average number who said they noticed was 3.1. Is the estimate from the participants significantly different from the actual number? Test the null hypothesis that the true mean i

Test of Significance

A skeptical paranormal researcher claims that the proportion of Americans that have seen a UFO is less than 1 in every one thousand. State the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis for a test of significance.

Fictitious Statistical Study

For this activity you will undertake an analysis based on a self-designed fictitious study that utilizes statistical methodologies. You will first develop a fictitious problem to examine, it can be anything. For example, maybe you want to look at whether scores on a standardized college placement test (like the SAT) are related

Hypothesis Testing and Spending Money on Video

Clayton believes that the individuals in their target group (those with higher incomes) would be willing to spend at least fifteen dollars on a video, and he wants you to test that hypothesis.

Five Steps of Hypothesis Testing: Statistics

A researcher predicts that listening to music while solving math problems will make a particular brain area more active. To test this, a research participant has her brain scanned while listening to music and solving math problems, and the brain area of interest has a percentage signal change of 58. From many previous studies

Cross Tabulation Containing Absolute and Relative Frequencies

See the attached file. "It is a well-established fact of American political life that young voters are not dependable voters. In a close election, however, the support of even low-turnout groups can be decisive. Thus, Obama's campaign team apparently decided that his visits to college campuses this week could pay off if he is

Two-tailed hypothesis test, using a .05 significance level

Using AIU's survey responses from the AIU data set, complete the following requirements in the form of a 2-page report: TEST #1 Perform the following two-tailed hypothesis test, using a .05 significance level: -Intrinsic by Gender -State the null and an alternate statement for the test Use Microsoft Excel (Data Anal

Level of Significance

I need some help with the following assignment: In an attempt to determine whether or not special training increases the speed with which assembly line workers can do an assembly job at AMTEL Inc., 25 workers are timed performing the task. Then, they are given a special training course designed to increases their assembly eff

CNP Bank Stat

Refer to data attachment 1. Century National Bank Refer to data. When Mr. Selig took over as president of Century several years ago, the use of debit cards was just beginning. He would like an update on the use of these cards. Develop a 95 percent confidence interval for the proportion of customers using these cards. On the

Distribution at the 5% level of significance

For this data below: At the 5% level of significance, does the distribution of colors in M&Ms bag agree with the official theoretical (production) distribution? Does the distribution of colors agrees with the official theoretical color distribution. Data: Color Milk Chocolate M&M's Cyan blue 3 Orange 4 Green 2 Brigh

Pairs Trading Hypotheses Test

Say you think your positive pairs trade returns are due to pairs trades you made on small stocks (measured by market capitalization). Describe how would you test this hypothesis? What regression equations would you use, and what would your null and alternative hypotheses be on the coefficients? If your positive pair trade re

Sketching a Distribution - Question

Evolutionary theories often emphasize that humans have adapted to their physical environment. One such theory hypothesizes that people should spontaneously follow a 24-hour cycle of sleeping and wakingâ?"even if they are not exposed to the usual pattern of sunlight. To test this notion, eight paid volunteers were placed (indivi

Case Study Regression Equations

See the attached file. The case study is a written report, and it should include an introduction, your responses to the questions being asked, and a conclusion. Remember, the case study is more than just a collection of Excel output, and it should be written in complete, grammatically correct sentences. You should submit two

House Pricing and Resale Value Problems

The national median sales price for new single-family homes is $230,000 (The Associated Press, March 25, 2006). Assume that the following data were obtained for sales of existing single-family homes in Houston and Boston. Greater than $230,000 Equal to $230,000 Less than $230,000 Houston 11

Cholesterol Statistics

You work as a consultant for a firm that specializes in workplace health. You have recently been put on a team that has been hired by a company with 80 employees, half men and half women that are considering instituting an employee wellness program as they have specific concerns over obesity and cholesterol levels among their e

Hypothesis Test for the Correlation Coefficient R

For the accompanying data set (a) draw a scatter diagram (b) compute the correlation coefficient rounded to three decimal places and (c) determine rather there is a linear relation between x and y Data Set x 2 6 6 7 9 y 8 7 6 9 5

Statistics Data

The following data (in pounds), which were selected randomly from a normally distrubuted population of values, represent mearsurements of a machine part that is supposed to weigh, on average, 8.3 pounds. Total sample: 20 Use the data at alpha = .01 to test the hypothesis that the parts average 8.3 pounds. 8.1, 8.4, 8.

Statistical inference: Gander Mountain store in Frogtown, IL

Scenario 1 The manager of the Gander Mountain store in Frogtown, IL, believes that his prices for ammunition are lower than the prices of his primary competitor in the hunting equipment market, Cabela's. He would like to be able to provide evidence to support this assertion. - What are the Gander Mountain manager's null and al

Research Methods

You are a research analyst with a large research and development firm, Akron Research. Your firm performs studies and analysis for companies that need product, process improvement, manufacturing, and consulting research services. You have been assigned to develop a comprehensive research strategy and plan and develop a propo

Biostatistics: Clinical trials

The table below summarizes baseline characteristics on patients participating in a clinical trial. a) Are there any statistically significant differences in baseline characteristics between treatment groups? Justify your answer. b) Write the hypotheses and the test statistic used to compare ages between groups. (No cal

ChiSquare, Regression, Etc

Question 1 A goodness of fit test is to be performed to see if Web Surfers prefer any of four Web sites (A, B, C and D) more than the other three. A sample of 60 consumers is used. What is the expected frequency for Web site A? 1/4 20 15 10 30 Question 2 A variable contains five categories. It is

Hypothesis Testing using Z Test for Proportion

Professor Jennings claims that 35% of the students at Flora College work while attending school. Dean Renata thinks that the professor has underestimated the number of students with part time or full time jobs. A random sample of 81 students shows that 39 have jobs. Do the data indicate that more than 35% of the students have jo