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    Hypotheses - "Overweight Individuals at McDonalds"

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    Billie wishes to test the hypothesis that overweight individuals tend to eat faster than normal-weight individuals. To test this hypothesis, she has two assistants sit in a McDonald's restaurant and identify individuals who order the Big Mac special for lunch. The Big Mackers as they become known are then classified by the assistants as overweight, normal weight, or neither overweight nor normal weight. The assistants identify 10 overweight and 10 normal weight Big Mackers. The assistants record the amount of time it takes them to eat the Big Mac special.

    1.0 585.0
    1.0 540.0
    1.0 660.0
    1.0 571.0
    1.0 584.0
    1.0 653.0
    1.0 574.0
    1.0 569.0
    1.0 619.0
    1.0 535.0
    2.0 697.0
    2.0 782.0
    2.0 587.0
    2.0 675.0
    2.0 635.0
    2.0 672.0
    2.0 606.0
    2.0 789.0
    2.0 806.0
    2.0 600.0

    a) Compute an independent-samples t-test on these data. Report the t-value and the p values. Were the results significant? (Do the same thing you did for the t-test above, only this time when you go to compare means, click on independent samples t-test. When you enter group variable into grouping variable area, it will ask you to define the variables. Click define groups and place the number 1 into 1 and the number 2 into 2).
    b) What is the difference between the mean of the two groups? What is the difference in the standard deviation?
    c) What is the null and alternative hypothesis? Do the data results lead you to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis?
    d) What do the results tell you?

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    First, we need to test if the variance is equal between these two groups.
    For group 1, variance=1816
    For group 2, variance=6761
    test value F=6761/1816=3.723
    The critical F value=FINV(0.05,9,9)=3.179
    Since 3.723>3.179, we could conclude that there is significant difference in the ...