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    Schedule Staffing and Equipment Needs

    To help schedule staffing and equipment needs, a large hospital uses a multiple regression model to predict its 'bed census' Y, the number of beds occupied at the end of each day. Using hospital records from the most recent 18 days, a total of 2 independent variables are used to find the estimated regression model. Let Beta (1)

    ANOVA: Degrees of Freedom and F statistic

    Cris Turlock owns and manages a small business in San Francisco, California. The business provides breakfast and brunch food, via carts parked along sidewalks, to people in the business district of the city. Being an experienced businessperson, Cris provides incentives for the four salespeople operating the food carts. This

    Normal Distribution

    4 questions on normal distribution/statistics. See attached file for full problem description. PART II 1. Assuming that the populations follow the normal distribution, that the populations have equal standard deviation, and that the populations are independent, find the critical values for the .05 significance level for 4 t

    Comparing Four Dietary Regemens:

    Comparing four dietary regemens: (1) Do an F-test and a Kruskal-Wallis test. Indicate the hypotheses and assumptions. (2) How do you choose between the F-test and the Kruskal-Wallis test? (3) Plot the residuals vs diet and the residuals vs normal quantiles. Make a histogram. ***See the attached files for the comp

    F Test of Multiple Regression Model

    Need to find the value of the Test Statistic and calculate the mean squares for regression and error for the following: 101.44/2 and 528.32/25 The answer is F= 2.40; however, I cannot determine the formula to use to arrive at this answer.

    Hypothesis to test for the difference in the variances: A company has two different processes that make credit cards. Suspecting that machine B has a higher variability than machine A the manager orders a test to be run. Select the correct hypothesis to test for the difference in the variances. What is the critical value of the F distribution? Perform the test at the .05 level of significance.

    A company has two different processes that make credit cards. Suspecting that machine B has a higher variability than machine A the manager orders a test to be run. The following data was collected: Machine Machine B Sample size nA= 30 nB=40 Sample Standard Deviation sA= 1.0

    2 Statistics Problems on hypothesis tests of Standard deviations

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- 3. A random sample of eight observations from the first population resulted in a standard deviation of 10. A random sample of six observations from the second population resulted in a standard deviation of 7. At the .02 significance level, is there a difference in the vari

    Nested-Factorial Significant Differences

    Hello. Could you show me how to solve the attached problem. It's long, but it's still a basic statistics problem. The question has three parts: a) is there significant difference between the two? b) what does the plot tell you that the confidence interval doesn't? c) NOW NEST the FACTORIAL

    F-Test - Variances in Populations Being the Same

    What is the F-Test, with regards to variances in populations being the same? (Include some examples) A study of the effect of weathering on the radioactivity of granite was made by collecting a random sample of weathered rocks & another random sample of freshly exposed rocks. Measurements were made of the amount of radioactiv

    Word Problem - calculating P-value and F test

    One reads that a business school graduate with an undergrad degree earns more than a high school grad with no additional ed, and a person with a master's or a doctorate earns even more. To test this a random sample of 25 executives from compainies with assests over 1 million were selected. Their incomes, classified by highes