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    Analysis of Variance

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    ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis, and T-Test Statisitc

    I'm having difficulty understanding and showing in layman terms or simple terms an example and comparison between the ANOVA test, Kruskal-Wallis test, and T-Test Statisitc.


    True or False: When the sum of squares within or sum of squares error (SSE) is added to the sum of squares among (SSA), the result is the total sum of squares (SST). The technique of analysis of variance was originated in England by ___________ while conducting agricultural experiments. a. Student b. Gauss c. Pascal

    ANOVA Tests

    Can you please show me how to perform an ANOVA on the data below using Microsoft Excel. Then I need to understand how to interpret the results of your ANOVA and the significance of the results to the organization as a whole. U.S. airlines carried 47.4 million domestic passengers in April, the U.S. Department of Transport

    ANOVA Hypotheses Testing

    Please provide step- by- step instruction for each of the following. The manufacturer of batteries is designing a battery to be used in a device that will be subjected to extremes in temperature. The company has a choice of 3 materials to use in the manufacturing process. An experiment is designed to study the life of the b

    Test statistics and ANOVA test using Excel

    1.What are the assumptions regarding a small two sample t-test and what Excel aid would you use to perform the test, Data Analysis or MacDoIt? 2.What are the assumptions regarding an ANOVA test and what Excel aid would you use to perform the test, Data Analysis or MacDoIt? 3.What are the assumptions regarding a Chi-squar

    ANOVA question

    There are two groups of sucjects A(n=50) and B(n=60). Each subjects has to test five different concentrations of a solution (5%,10%, 20%, 40%, 80%). When a subject tastes a solution, he gives it a score how he likes it (from 1 to 10). I need to analyze how the ratings depend on group and solution. I am using a two-way ANO

    Response Variable - ANOVA

    Response variable: personal ratings (how a subject likes or dislikes a particular concentration of a solution on a scale from 1 to 10). Independent variable 1: concentrations of a solution (5 levels: 5%,10%, 20%, 40%, 80%). Independent variable 2: two groups of subjects: Group A (sample size 50), Group B(sample size 60).

    Stats Tests - ANOVA; Correlation; Regression.

    1. A chain of electronic stores is planning to expand the number of stores that it operates. Management believes that there is a relationship between the number of households in a store's market area and its level sales volume. Management wants to verify its belief that there is a relationship between the two factors before ma