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    ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis, and T-Test Statisitc

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    I'm having difficulty understanding and showing in layman terms or simple terms an example and comparison between the ANOVA test, Kruskal-Wallis test, and T-Test Statisitc.

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    When simultaneously several treatments are to be compared the ANOVA becomes cheap and fast process. But, this method is good for normal distribution. But when it deviates from normality then Kruskal-Wallis test becomes effective. The t-test is good for comparing two treatments at a time but is not good for more than 2 treatments comparision at a time.

    ANOVA test:
    An experiment is conducted to determine the soil moistudre deficit resulting from varying amounts of residual timber left after cuttingtrees in forest. The three treatments are treatment 1: no timber left; treatment 2: 2000 bd ft left; treatment 3: 8000 bd ft left. (Board feet is a particular unit of measurment of timber volume.) The measurments of moisture deficit are given in the table. Perform the ANOVA test and and costruct confidence intervals for treatment ...

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