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Solve: Magnetic Field on a Compass

Question: A power line is 3.5m off the ground and is carrying 75 amps. A man standing under the power line is holding a compass 1.25m off the ground. 1) How large is the magnetic field produced on the compass by the power line? 2) If the power line runs east and west, how does its magnetic field affect the direction in whi

Raising a yacht from the seabed by attaching filled air bags to it

A large yacht has a mass of 305 tonnes. The yacht sinks and is lying on the sea bed at a depth of 40m. It is estimated that the volume of teh yacht is such that it displaces 0.8m3 of water when it is totally submerged under water. A salvage team decides to raise the yacht to the surface by fixing large bags to the yacht and

Electromagnetic Induction of Wires

Imagine in a remote area of the countryside a 70-kV, 60-Hz power line. A shifty local resident has erected a large open loop just below the line with the intention of drawing power. Is this possible and, if so, how would it be transferred? Where would the energy stolen come from? Would anyone be able to detect the loss? Might it

capacitor acts as an open circuit

Multiple choice: 1. An ideal source of emf is connected in series with a resistor in closed loop, and a current or 0.e50 A circulates. An additional 6.0-Ohm resistor is added in series, and the current drops to 0.30 A. The original resistance was: (a) 9.0 Ohm (b) 6.0 Ohm (c) 15 Ohm (d) 3.0 Ohm (e) none of these. Explain your ch

Magnetic flux...induced emf...etc...

Consider a rectangular loop of length l (parallel to x) width w (parallel to y) total resistance R, is being pulled at constant force F=fx. If at tiem t=0 it is aligned with the front edge at x=0, has velocity vx, and the magnetic field everywhere is B= 0 x<0 B= BoZ x>0 solve and draw plots for the time dependence of: