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    Kinetic energy and speed of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules

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    Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules in a gas sample have the same temperature. This means that the hydrogen molecules, on the average have the same kinetic energy and speed as oxygen molecule?

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    ^ denotes power
    E denotes 10 raised to the power

    Kinetic energy of a molecule = 3/2 kT
    k= Boltzmann's constant=1.38x 10^-23 J/K= 1.38E-23 J/K
    T=Temperature in Kelvin

    Thus if temperature is the same it means that kinetic energy of the molecules are equal as there are no other factors apart from k and T

    Kinetic energy of a molecule = 1/2 m v ^2
    Equating the two
    3/2 ...

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