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Power/Current Required

An X-ray machine operates from a 220V supply. The machine power is 800W and the supply must also supply six 24W, 220V indicator lights.

Please answer all questions with full explanations thankyou

1) What is the total power required?

2) What is the current drawn from the 220V supply?

3) A transformer with 250 turns in its primary is used to obtain the X-ray tube voltage of 40 kV, how many turns should there be in the secondary winding?

4) What is the current in the secondary coil?

5) Draw a circuit diagram showing the transformer and the supplies to the machine and indicator lights.

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For the first question, we will just find the connected load to the 220Volt supply.

Machine power is 800W and there are six 24W, 220V indicator lights

total Power = 800 + 6*24 = 944 W --- Ans

This is the total power required.

As a total of 944 W is connected to a 220V supply, the value of the current can be calculated using ...

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