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    Thin-Film Interference

    We have not covered in class yet and the book does not offer much help. Is it asking for the value (m)? If so how is that determined? Thanks. Light of wavelength 616 nm (in vacuum) is incident perpendicularly on a soap film (assume n = 1.36) suspended in the air. What are the two smallest nonzero film thicknesses (in nm) f

    Photoelectrons Produced by Beams of Light

    Two beams of light with different wavelengths (A > B) are used to produce photoelectrons from a given metal surface. (b) Find Kmax for cesium (W0 = 1.9 eV) if A = 570 nm, and B = 330 nm. Kmax, A ___ eV Kmax, B ___ eV.


    These are some tips to remember the following easily wavelength of X-rays produced and the dependence of wavelength and energy on the accelerating potential etc.

    Energy of a photon of visible light given wavelength

    If Planck's constant has a value of 3.99 x 10 to the -13 kJ sec/mole, and energy=Planck's constant x velocity of electromagnetic radiation (in nm/sec) all divided by wavelength in nm. What is the energy of a photon of visible light with a wavelength of 600 nm?

    Positrons and Other Antiparticles

    A photon with an energy of 2.00 GeV creates a proton-antiproton pair in which the proton has a kinetic energy of 95.0 MeV. What is the kinetic energy of the antiproton?

    Wavelength of Electrons

    A beam of electrons (m=9.11 x 10 (-31) negative thirty first power has an average speed of 1.3 x 10^8 (eigth power) m*s (-1) s to to the negative first power. What is the wavelength of electrons having this average speed? ^=____________________________m Assume your eyes receive a signal crossing of blue light, ^=470nm

    Wavelength questions

    You are an engineer designing a switch that works by the photoelectric effect. The metal you wish to use in your device requires 6.7x10 (to the -19 power. J/atom to remove an electron. Will the switch work if the light falling on the metal has a wavlength of 540nm or greater? Why or why not? Radiation in the ultraviolet re

    Human eye and photon energy

    The human eye can detect as few as three photons of 5.5X10^-7m light arriving together. How much energy do these three photons collectively represent?

    Photoelectric effect and energy of ejected electrons

    The work function of an element is the energy required to remove an electron from the surface of the solid. The work function for cadmium is 378.2 kJ/mol (that is, it takes 378.2 kJ of energy to remove 1 mol of electrons from 1 mol of Cd atoms on the surface of a sample of cadmium.) What is the maximum wavelength of light that c