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Ohm's Law

Circuit Analysis

Refer to the following circuit. Assume ideal voltage source - find VBG and I2

Efficiency of electrolysis (in joules).

The amount of product produced by electrolysis is limited by Faraday's law. Therefore, as I understand it, the amount of product produced depends on the amps rather than on the volts (although the minimum voltage for a given reaction plus overvoltage must be met). For example, lets say you have a reaction that requires at

Voltage Drop Across the Resistor

Determine the voltage drop (from top to bottom) across the 16 ohm resistor in the circuit shown. Determine the voltage drop across the 4 ohm resistor. What is the voltage V?

Circuits and Circuit Elements

1. Consider the circuit shown in the attachment. a. Do any of the bulbs have a complete circuit when all the switches are open? Which one(s)? b. Do any of the switches cause a short circuit when closed? Which one(s)? c. Which switches should be kept open, and which should be closed for the following to occur? * only bulbs A

Mixed Circuit

Find all the currents and potential differences in the following circuit.

Working with the variation of resistance in regards to temperature.

(a) A 5 m length of copper wire at 20°C has a radius of 0.25mm. If a potential difference of 10V is applied across the length of the wire, determine the current in the wire. (b) If the wire is heated to 50.0°C and the 10 V potential difference is maintained, what is the resulting current in the wire?