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    Series RL Circuit

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    You have a 200 ohms resistor, a 0.400 H inductor, and a 6.00 uF capacitor. Suppose you take the resistor and inductor and make a series circuit with a voltage source that has a voltage amplitude 30.0 V and angular frequency of 250 rad/s.
    a) What is the impedance of the circuit?
    b) What is the current amplitude?
    c) What are the voltage amplitudes acros the resistor and across the inductor?
    d) What is the phase angleof the source voltage with respect to the curret? Does the source voltage lag or lead the current?
    e) Construct the phasor diagram.

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    The answers from the back of the book are the following: (a) 224 ohms, (b) 0.134A, (c) 26.8V; 13.4V (d)26.6; leads

    The impedance of the inductor is ...

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    It investigates a series RL circuit, such as its impedance, current, and phase angle. The solution is detailed and well presented.