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Integrals and Continuity Calculus

20) If the function f is continuous for all real numbers and lim as h approaches 0 of f(a+h) - f(a)/ h = 7 then which statement is true? a) f(a) = 7 b) f is differentiable at x=a. c) f is differentiable for all real numbers. d) f is increasing for x>0. e) f is increasing for all real differentiable ans is B. Explain

Double Integral

Can anyone please show me how to solve these double integrals, with a step by step approach. I know the answer is 63 - but Ive tried so many times & I don't know where I'm going wrong. upper limits are 1&y=2 x+4y^2 dydx + lower limits are -2&y=-x upper limits are 4 & y=2 x+4y^2 dydx lower limits ar

Double Integral over a Square Region

Use a transformation to evaluate the double integral of f(x,y) given by f(x,y)=cos(2x-y)sin(x+2y) over the square region with vertices at (0,0) (1,-2) (3,-1) & (2,1) (My notes from class-uses substitution, change of variables) I have let u=(2x-y) & v=(x+2y) using substitution (change of variables)

Population model

In some populations, the amount of births is directly proportional to the population at any given point in time and the amount of deaths is directly proportional to the square of the population at any given point in time. 1. Write an equation that models the change in a population that fits the above description. Make sure t

Partial Fraction Decomposition

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Partial fraction decomposition is a technique used to convert a fraction with a polynomial numerator and a polynomial denominator into the sum of two or more simpler fractions. It eases integration by reducing it to the sum of integrals, each of which will most l

Volume of Revolution

1. The shaded region R, is bounded by the graph of y = x^2 and the line y = 4. a) Find the area of R. b) Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving R about the x-axis. c) There exists a number k, k>4, such that when R is revolved about the line y = k, the resulting solid has the same volume as the solid in par

Picard's Method of Successive Approximations

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Attached is a file with a three part successive approximation problem. The following problems are to use the method of successive approximations (Picard's) [EQUATION] y x y fty tdt =+∫n− with a choice of initial approximation other than y0(x)=y0

Infinitely Differentiable Function that is Not Analytic

Use the given information: the functions g:[a,b]->R and h:[a,b]->R are continuous with h(x) >= 0 for all x in [a,b], and there is a point c in (a,b) such that: the integral from a to b of h(x)g(x)dx = g(c) times the integral from a to b of h(x)dx. to show that the Cauchy Integral Remainder Theorem implies the Lagrang

Integration: Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality

Suppose that the functions g:[a,b]-> R are continuous. Prove that: The integral from a to b of gf <= (the square root of the integral from a to b of g^2) multiplied by (the square root from a to b of f^2)

Integrals: Cost function and Marginal Cost

Given ist the following cost function: k(x)=x^3-9x^2+29x+35 x= quantity k= cost Question 1: At what quantity is the minimum of the marginal cost? Question 2: What is the increase of cost if the production is increased from 3 to 4 (integral)?

Fluid force - Applications of Integration

NOTE: We are supposed to find the fluid force using integrals. I have attached a word document with the fluid force formula we are supposed to use. Please use the US system of measurement (i.e. pounds) Now here is the problem: A vertcial gate in a dam has the shape of an isoceles trapezoid. The top of the gate measures 10

Complex integrals

(1) let f:C----R be an analytic function such that f(1)=1. Find the value of f(3) (2) Evaluate the integral over & of dz/ z^2 -1 where & is the circle |z-i|=2 (3)Evaluate the integral over & of (z-1/z) dz where & is the line path from 1 to i (4) Evaluate the integral between 2pi and 0 of e^-i@ . e ^e^i@ d@