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Picard's Method of Successive Approximations

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Attached is a file with a three part successive approximation problem. The following problems are to use the method of successive approximations (Picard's) [EQUATION] y x y fty tdt =+∫n− with a choice of initial approximation other than y0(x)=y0

Infinitely Differentiable Function that is Not Analytic

Use the given information: the functions g:[a,b]->R and h:[a,b]->R are continuous with h(x) >= 0 for all x in [a,b], and there is a point c in (a,b) such that: the integral from a to b of h(x)g(x)dx = g(c) times the integral from a to b of h(x)dx. to show that the Cauchy Integral Remainder Theorem implies the Lagrang

Integration: Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality

Suppose that the functions g:[a,b]-> R are continuous. Prove that: The integral from a to b of gf <= (the square root of the integral from a to b of g^2) multiplied by (the square root from a to b of f^2)

Integrals: Cost function and Marginal Cost

Given ist the following cost function: k(x)=x^3-9x^2+29x+35 x= quantity k= cost Question 1: At what quantity is the minimum of the marginal cost? Question 2: What is the increase of cost if the production is increased from 3 to 4 (integral)?

Fluid force - Applications of Integration

NOTE: We are supposed to find the fluid force using integrals. I have attached a word document with the fluid force formula we are supposed to use. Please use the US system of measurement (i.e. pounds) Now here is the problem: A vertcial gate in a dam has the shape of an isoceles trapezoid. The top of the gate measures 10

Complex integrals

(1) let f:C----R be an analytic function such that f(1)=1. Find the value of f(3) (2) Evaluate the integral over & of dz/ z^2 -1 where & is the circle |z-i|=2 (3)Evaluate the integral over & of (z-1/z) dz where & is the line path from 1 to i (4) Evaluate the integral between 2pi and 0 of e^-i@ . e ^e^i@ d@