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    Intersection of Curves

    Find the points of intersection (if any) of the given pair of curves and draw the graphs. Y= x^2 and y= 2x+2

    Example of a non-rectifiable closed Jordan curve.

    Give an example of a non-rectifiable closed Jordan curve on the interval -1<=t<=1. My thought: t + i(sin 1/t) + ????? Please advise what curve I can add to make this work. Or, if this will not work, please provide an example of a non-rectifiable closed Jordan curve on -1<=t<1.


    #26 Please see the attached file for full problem description.

    Length of an arc - when will a person leave your view?

    Two people 1.8m tall walk from each other until they can no longer see each other (due to the curvature of the earth which has a radius of 6378km). Assuming nothing else blocks their view, how far do they have to walk? Note. I cant get my head around how this relates to what we've lear

    Length of Curve/Calc II problem

    Find the length of the curve y=cosh(x) between x=-1 and x=2 Find the length of y=cosh x for -1 ≤ x ≤ 2. The length of the curve will be given by : = sinh x Length = Integral is given by : Therefore length = = .0528

    Curvature of the curve and torsion of the curve

    Differential Geometry (I) Curves in Space Curvature of the Curve Torsion of the Curve For the curve r = ( &#8730;6 at^3, a(1+3t^2), &#8730;6 at ) Show that k = - T = 1/[a(3t^2 + 1)^2] where k = curvature of the curve, T = tors