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    Complex Analysis

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    Complex Variables: Rectifiable Path

    Please help with the following problem. Fix w=re^i(theta)(not equal)0 and let gamma be a rectafiable path C-{0} from 1 to w. Show there is an integer k such that (integral)gamma z^-1 dz = log r + (theta)+ 2 pi i k See attached file for full problem description.

    Solving Complex Equations

    I need to solve for all of the roots of (z+1)^4 = (1-i). Any idea on how to do it? keywords: imaginary

    Verifying a Complex Root

    Verify the z = (3-2j) is a root of the polynomial 2z^4 - 18z^3 +66z^2 - 102z + 52 and hence find the other three roots.

    Fixed and Variable Cost Analysis

    Costs can be classified into two categories, fixed and variable costs. These costs behave differently based on the level of sales volumes. Suppose we are running a restaurant and have identified certain costs along with the number of annual units sold of 1000. Item: Raw Materials (cost for hamburgers) Total Annual Cost: 650

    Rectilinear motion problems

    See attached file for full problem description. 9. The accompanying figure shows the velocity versus time graph for a test run on a classic Grand Prix GTP. Using this graph, estimate a) The acceleration at 60 m/h (in units of ft/s^2) b) The time at which the maximum acceleration occurs. 19. The position function of a

    Lambda Equation

    Let lambda be real and lambda > 1, Show that the equation ze^lambda−z = 1 has exactly one solution in the disc |z| = 1, which is real and positive.

    Complex Numbers, Standard Form and De Moivre's Theorem

    1. Evaluate the expression and write your answer in the form a+bi: i^100 2. Prove the following properties of complex numbers. 3. Find all solutions of equation:- 4. Find the indicated power using De Moivre's Theorem.

    Stereographic Projection

    1. Let z and z' be points in C with corresponding points on the unit sphere Z and Z' by stereographic projection. Let N be the north pole N(0,0,1). a) Show that z and z' are diametrically opposite on the unit sphere iff z(z bar)'=-1 ps. here z bar means conjugate of z b) Show that the triangles Nz'z and NZZ' are similar. The

    Complex Variables Convergence of Summations

    A) Prove that sum(z^n/n) converges at every point of the unit circle except z=1 although this power series has R=1. b) Use partial fractions to determine the following closed expression for c_n c_n=((1+sqrt5/2)^n+1 - (1-sqrt5/2)^n+1)/sqrt5 Ps. Here c_n are Fibonacci numbers defined by c_0=1, c_1=1,.... c_n=c_n-1 + c_


    Suppose that f is holomorphic in a region G(i.e. an open connected set). How can I prove that in any of the following cases a)R(f) is constant b)I(f) is constant c)|f| is constant d) arg(f) is constant we can conclude that f is constant. Ps. here R(f) and I(f) are the real and imaginary parts of f.

    Catenary Model Heights

    A) Graph the model b) Find the heights of the cable at the towers and at the midpoint between the towers, and c) Find the slope of the model at the point where the cable meets the right-hand tower y = 18 + 25cosh x/25, -25 ≤ x ≤ 25

    Logarithm and Complex Numbers

    See the attached file. 1. Given that s = 1.59t(1-3v), obtain the value of v when s = 3.52 and t = 21.56. 2. Solve log(2x + 3) = log(4x) + 2, for x giving the answer correct to 3 significant figures. 3. For a thermodynamic process involving a perfect gas, the initial and final temperatures are related by: