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    Networks and Project Analysis : Critical Path, Precedence Diagrams Start and Finish Dates

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    The marketing department at Bodnar Industries is developing a promotional campaign to introduce a new product. A listing of the various activities required, their immediate predecessors, and estimates of their times (in days) is given below.

    a) Draw the precedence diagram for this network.
    b) Find the means and standard deviations of the activity times.
    c) Find the expected early and late start and finish times.
    d) Identify the critical path, the expected length of the critical path and the expected slack times for each activity.
    e) What is the probability that the project will be completed in less than 60 days? More than 65 days?
    f) How many days should the marketing manager allow for completion of the project if he wants to be 99% sure that the project will be completed within this allowed time?

    Activity Description Immediate Predecessors Optimistic Time Most Likely Time Pessimistic Time
    A Rough brochure layout -- 2 3 5
    B Review brochure A 6 8 10
    C Final brochure layout B 4 6 8
    D Final brochure artwork C 5 7 11
    E Design display -- 12 15 20
    F Rough display artwork E 2 3 4
    G Review display E 6 8 10
    H Revise display G 2 3 4
    I Final display artwork F,H 1 2 4
    J Make display plates I 18 23 26
    K Make brochure plates D,I 10 13 16
    L Make and ship displays J 7 10 14
    M Print and ship brochures K 6 8 10

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