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Basic Calculus

Geometry's Role in the Math

The importance of geometry's role in the math curriculum is debated in many high schools and colleges. Some schools offer the course while others have done away with it. Based on what you have learned, do you think geometry is a valuable tool for students to learn? Choose one side of this debate, state your view, support your vi

Converging Subsequence

Theorem: Suppose that a sequence S of real numbers has a subsequence that converges to a real number a. Then S converges to a. I know this is true as an if and only if statement, but I need a counter example to show that just one converging subsequence isn't enough. Here are two sequences I'm considering: {1,-1,1,-1,1,-1..

Connected Annulus

Prove the annulus A={z in (the set)R^2 : r <= |z| <= R} is connected. Is it sufficient to show that the annulus is homomorphic to the circle, and then since circle is connected, so is the annulus ? If so, how do you show it, if not, can you shed light on another method?

Displacement, Velocity, & Acceleration

1. A test vehicle on a track goes through photo gates spaced 25 m apart at the following times: 2.00 sec, 3.30 sec, 4.30 sec a. Plot the position versus time of the vehicle. b. Plot the average speed of the vehicle in the time intervals versus time. 2. A rally driver has to maintain a constant speed between c

Various calculus problem set

Please see the attached file for complete description 1. Write the first five terms of the arithmetic sequence: a1 = 3; d = 3 2. A spinner is used for which it is equally probable that the pointer will land on any one of six regions. Three of the regions are colored red, two are colored green, and one is colored yellow. If t

Cardinality of R and R^2

How can I show that the cardinality of R and R^2, R=set of Real numbers, is equal. I think by R^2 it is meant R x R, which means an ordered pair, am I right? Is this possible just be showing that the first element in R^2 pair can be matched to R? But this is not necessarily a 'function' by definition, so there are infinite

Determining Velocity of Objects

If an object is given an initial velocity straight upward of v0 feet per second from a height of s0 feet , then its altitude's after 1 second is given by the formula: S= -16t2+ v0t + s0. An arrow is shot straight upward with a velocity of 96 feet per second (ft/sec) from an altitude of 6 feet. For how many seconds is t

Third Prime

Please help, figured out first two primes but am having allot of problems figuring out the third prime. Also need help with additional problem. Thanks Find lim x ->&#8734; ( (3x-2) / (3x+2) )^x (3x - 2)^x / (3x+2)^x = lim x ->&#8734; f'(x)/g'(x) x(3x - 2)^(x-1)*(3)/ x(3x-2)^(x-1)*(3) =(3x - 2)^(x-1)/ (3x

Calculus Problems - secant line joining

Q#11. The graph of y=f(x)=x^2 + 2x is shown in the graph. i) Find the slope of the secant line joining (2, f(2)) and (4, f(4)). ii) Find the slope of the secant line joining (2, f(2) and (2+h, f(2+h)) _____ + _____ h Q#12. Suppose an object moves along the y axis so that its locations is y=f(x)=x^2+3x at time x(y

Integral Calculus and Position of an Object

1. R is the region bounded by the curve y = x^2 -2x and the x axis. Sketch the given region R and then find its area. 2. Using the following integral and the facts that v(t) = x'(t) at time t of an object moving along the x axis is given, along with the initial position x(0) of the object. Answer the questions a - c. x'

Mobius Transformations and Conformal Maps

(1) For j = 1,2 let R_j be the circle of diameter j/2 and center at (j/4)i. Also, let p(z) = 1/z be the inversion map. (a) If G is the region outside R_1 and inside R_2 then prove that p(G) = {z : -2 < Im z < -1}. (b) Prove that e^(pie*z) maps the strip {z : -2 < Im z < -1}onto the upper half-plane H_u. (c) Use the pr

Related Rates

3.A pulley is suspended 13.5 m above a small bucket of cement on the ground. A rope is put over the pulley. One end of the rope is tied to the bucket and the other end dangles loosely to the ground. A construction worker holds the end of the rope at a constant height (1.5 m) and walks away from beneath the pulley at 1.6 m/s. How

Differential Equations and Vectors - Circle Equation

See the attached file. Question (1) First find a general solution of the differential equation dy/dx=3y. Then find a particular solution that satisfies the initial condition that y(1) = 4 Question (2) Solve the initial value problem dy/dx=y^3 , y(0) = 1 Question (3) Find the centre and radius of the circle describe

Calculus - Numerical Analysis - Modified Eulers method

Question : Use the Modified Euler Method to approximate the solution to the initial value problem, and compare the results to the actual values. y'=te^3t-2y, 0 <=t<=1 , y(0) = 0 with h = 0.5 actual solution y(t) = (1/5)te^3t-(1/25)e^3t+(1/25)e^-2t For the complete description of the question, please see the attach

Determine the area of the given region.

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. keywords: integration, integrates, integrals, integrating, double, triple, multiple keywords : find, finding, calculating, calculate, determine, determining, verify, verifying, evaluate, evaluating, calculate, calculating, prove, proving

Finding the Optimum

The purpose of this project is to find the values of x and y that will yield the optimum (maximum or minimum) value of a system and the optimum value of a system using algebraic and graphical methods. Follow these ten steps (see mp1.jpg) to determine the optimum value of z and the values of x and y that yield the optimum valu

Rouche's formula

(a) How many roots of the equation z^4 &#8722; 6z + 3 = 0 have their modulus between 1 and 2? (b) Find the number of the roots of the equation z^6 &#8722; 5z^4 + 8z &#8722; 1 = 0 in the annulus {z : 1 < |z| < 2}

Bearings for the laps in a boat racing.

A boat race runs along a triangular course marked by buoys A, B, and C. The race starts with the boats headed west for 3600 meters. The other two sides of the course lie to the north of the first side, and their lengths are 1500 meters and 2800 meters. Draw a diagram that visually represents the problem, and find the bearings fo

Lobster boat is situated due west of a lighthouse

A lobster boat is situated due west of a lighthouse. A barge is 12 km south of the lobster boat. From the barge the bearing to the lighthouse is 63 degrees (12 km is the length of the side adjacent to the 63 degree bearing). How far is the lobster boat from the light house?

Transportation Cost

For speeds between 40 and 65 mph, a truck gets 480/x miles per gallon when driven at a constant speed of x miles per hour. Diesel gasoline costs 2.23 per gallon, and the driver is paid 15.10 per hour. What is the most economical constant speed between 40 and 65 miles per hour at which to drive the truck.

Velocity, Time and Displacement

A stone is dropped from a high cliff and falls with velocity v = 32t feet per second. How many feet does the stone travel during the first 3 seconds?

Why the Condition is Placed at the End of the Formula

An open container is such that each horizontal cross section is an equilateral triangle. its base has side of a length 10cm and its top has sides length 10x cm. each sloping edge has length 20cm. the surface of the container is modelled by part of an inverted triangular pyramid. the capacity V(x) litres is : V(x)=1/12 (x^2

finding area of region, total cost function, midpoint rule

Any help would be appreciated on finding area of region, total cost function, midpoint rule. marginal cost. (See attached file for full problem description) --- A. Find the area of the region bounded by y=1/x and 2x + 2y=5 B. Find the area of the region bounded by the graphs of y= -x^2 + 2x and y=0 C. Find y=f

Concentration, Rate of Flow and Dilution

In a tank containing 100 gallons of fresh water, 10 lbs of salt was added instead of 20 lbs. To correct the mistake, fresh water was added at the rate of 3 gallons per minute while draining off the well stirred salt solution from the tank at the same rate. How long will it take until the tank contains the correct amount of salt?

Solutions of Newtonian Viscous Flow Equations

3-34. A sphere of specific gravity 7.8 is dropped into oil of specific gravity 0.88 and viscosity = 0.15 Pa s. Estimate the terminal velocity of the sphere if ts diameter is (a) 0.1 mm, (b) 1 mm, and (c) 10 mm. Which of these is a creeping motion?

Given velocity and distance, please find the minimum time.

From a raft 50m offshore, a lifeguard wants to swim to shore and run to a snack bar 100m down the beach. a. if the lifeguard swims at 1m/s and runs at 3m/s, express the total swimming and running time t as a function of the distance b. find the minimum time