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Basic Calculus


#1 Write an equation of the line tangent to the curve y=f(x) at the given point P on the curve. Express the answer in the form ax+by=c. 1)y=3x^2-4; P(1,-1) 2)y=2x-1/x; P(0.5,-1) #2 Give the position function x=f(t) of a particle moving in a horizontal straight line. Find its location x when its velocity v is zero. 1)x=-1

A related rates calculus problem in regards to a cone.

A waffle cone has a height of 6in with a radius at the top being 1 inch. A spherical scoop of ice cream is placed on top of the cone and melts into the cone. At a particular instant of time, the radius of the ice cream is 3/2 inch and is decreasing by 1/100 in/min. At this same time, the height of the melted ice cream in the