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Pricing methods

Describe each of the primary methods used for setting price, explaining its applications, strengths and weaknesses, show the formula and calculate an example for each method. 1) Pricing using demand estimation (MR=MC) Linear Approximation Method (How does one do this?) 2)Cost-Plus Pricing Breakeven Analysis 3)Mark-Up Pricin

Multiple Choice - Accounting questions

Attached are the questions. Many thanks 1. A is a fixed cost; B is a variable cost. During the current year the level of activity has decreased but is still within the relevant range. We would expect that: a. The cost per unit of A has remained unchanged b. The cost per unit of A has decreased. c. The cost per unit of

Demand functions and Revenues

In February 2004, The Federal Communications commission (FCC) effectively deregulated the broadband industry in a close 3-2 vote that changed the rules of the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Among other things, the decision eliminates a rule that required the Baby Bells-Bell South, Owes Communication International, SBC Communicatio

Economics- Regression Created

Please take a look at this question to see if you can create the report required.

Log linear demand and regression analysis

If income declines by 2.85 percent, how much do I have to cut price in order to maintain existing customers? It starts with being given a regression analysis that has the following: coefficient of the intercept is .45, the coefficient of the natural logarithm of price is -2.14, and the natural logarithm of income is .90. Bas

Linear demand

Border Snacks Inc. produces and sells picante sauce, nacho chips, and queso dip. The company's marketing department estimated a linear demand function for Border's picante sauce: QF = a + bPF + cM + dPN + ePQ where QF is the number of jars of picante sauce sold per month, PF is the price of picante sauce, PN is t


The problem that I am having difficulty with is below: Wilpen Company, a price-setting firm, produces nearly 80 percent of all tennis balls purchased in the United States. Wilpen estimates the US demand for its tennis balls by using the following liner specification: Q=a + bP + cM + dPR Where Q is the number of cans of tenn

Economics - Overheard at the water cooler

Overheard at the water cooler: My regression model of demand is better than the one that the consultant prepared for us because it has a higher R2. Besides, my equation has three more independent variables and so is more complete then the consultant's. Comment on this statement. Would you agree with the speaker? Explain.

You have been retained to assist a regional food marketer, FoodKing

You have been retained to assist a regional food marketer, FoodKing, to forecast the demand for pies that are mass-produced and marketed under the name Ms. Smith's Homemade Pies. To assists with your analysis, you are provided with data that was collected for 8 consecutive quarters and 6 geographic markets. If you use Excel or a

Management Science

You are the team leader of a unit of a US nonprofit organization based in Banjul Gambia (Capital City). The nonprofit's mission is to ensure that rural populations worldwide have access to health and sanitation-related supplies. Due to the sudden departure of one of your team leaders, you are taking over responsibility for orde

Which regression is recommended for forecasting future sales and price?

Qty. Price Advertise Distance 180 475 1100 120 590 400 2400 65 430 450 1500 50 250 550 3100 75 275 575 3400 45 720 375 2200 20 660 375 1200 50 490 450 2400 75 700 400 2200 45 210 500 1000 55 A firm's marketing dept. obtained data from 10 of the firm's outlets. The data consists of the qty. and price of the product

Regression Equation/Short Run Cost

Please complete the following two questions: 1. Which indicator(s) will always improve when more variables are added to a regression equation? 2. A firm experiences increasing returns to scale; that is, doubling all its inputs more than doubles its output. What can be inferred about the firm's short-run costs?

Conceptual questions on microeconomics

A firm used a combination of inputs that was to the left of its isocost line, it would indicate that a. it is exceeding its budget. b. it is not spending all of its budget. c. it is operating at its optimal point because it is saving money. d. None of the above. When the exponents of a Cobb-Douglas production func

Multiple regression analysis for profit margins for Columbia.

1. Describe the overall explanatory power of this regression model, as well as the relative importance of each continuous variable. (attached) 2. Based on the importance of the binary or dummy variable that indicates superstore competition, do superstores pose a serious threat to Columbia's profitability? 3. What factors m

Demand Analysis

In the volume, Consumer Demand in the United States: Analyses and Projections (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1970), H.S. Houthakker and L.D. Taylor presented the following results for their estimated demand equation from 1929 to 1961 (excluding the 1942 through 1945 war year in the United States: Qt = 19.575

Explain the gender-wage gap using Human Capital theory

There is a large gap between the earnings of married women and married men, even if individuals of both sex have the same level of education. Everyone knows there is sexual discrimination. Few people know, however, that certain aspects of Human Capital theory can explain over 38% of the gap. How so? Explain in detail and

Forecast Aggregate Demand by Month for the year 2005

Question: Forecast Aggregate Demand by Month for the year 2005 (See Excel attachment for the past forecast from January - December 2000 to January to December 2004. (It may be easier to use Excel). See attached file for full problem description.

Employee Productivity

See attached table and data chart: A. What firm-specific and industry-specific factors might be used to explain differences among giant corporations in the amount of revenue per employee and profit per employee? B. A multiple regression analysis based upon the data contained in the attached table reveals the following (t s

Hypothesis testing and regression

The following equation was estimated for the fall and second semester students: (See attached) Here, trmgpa is term GPA, crsgpa is a weighted average of overall GPA in courses taken, cumgpa is GPA prior to current semester, tothrs is total credit hours prior to the semester, sat is SAT score, hsperc is graduating percentile

Managerial Economics - FTC vs. Staples

1) What were the alternative methods used by the FTC and the merging firms to determine whether or not an Office Depot and a Staples outlet were in the same geographical market? 2) How did this differentiation in geographical market measurement affect the pricing behavior estimated by the FTC and by the merging firms? What i

Interpreting regression results

I have a few different regression results, and need some help interpreting them. On a few, I put some of my answers to the questions in brackets - I'd like to know if I am correct, if not, some assistance would be appreciated. The results are as follows A. PSoda Hat = .956 + .1149882 PrBlack + 1.60 income Where: P

Two variable diagram

1. Portray the following data on a two variable diagram Academic Year Total Enrollment Enrollment in ECon 1994-95 3000 300 95-96 3100 325 96-97 3200 350 97-98 3300 375 98-99