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Please help with these exercises, # 1 and # 2 Managerial Economics (see attachment).

Economics for managers BOOK: ECO 550 STRAYER UNIVERSITY 2008 CUSTOM EDITION; ECONOMICS for MANAGERS: ISBN- 13: 978-0-558-03749-9.

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Question 1
R2 is the coefficient of determination. For example, if R2 is equal to .9027 this means that we can conclude that 90.27% of the total sum of squares can be explained by using the estimated regression equation.
tstat is equal to b1/sb1. What the tstat means is that whenever it is less than the negative value of ta/2 or whenever it is greater than the positive value of ta/2, then the null hypothesis is rejected.
Fstat is equal to MSR/MSE. What the Fstat means is that whenever it is more than Fa, then the null hypothesis is rejected.

A cross sectional is mere ...

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A cross sectional is examined.