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    Quadratic problem with variables - missing steps

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    The problem is bascially done to a point. (STEP 5) Then steps are missing. I give you steps 1 to 5, then I need you to solve for R1 and R2 in terms of RA and RB.

    PLEASE Show all work including what I give you and show each step, each canceled term, or multiplication, or whatever.

    STEP 1: R1 + R2 = RA

    STEP2: R1 = RA - R2

    STEP3: RB = (R1R2) / (R1 + R2)

    STEP 4: RB = [(RA - R2)(R2)] / [(RA - R2)+(R2)]

    STEP 5: RB = [(RAR2 - R2^2)] / [(RA-R2)+(R2)]

    THEN MISSING STEPS....................................

    R2 = RA(1 +/- [(SQRT1-4RARB)/2A] / 2

    R2 = [RA +/- SQRT RA^2 - 4RARB] / 2

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