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    Elasticities of demand

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    If income declines by 2.85 percent, how much do I have to cut price in order to maintain existing customers?

    It starts with being given a regression analysis that has the following: coefficient of the intercept is .45, the coefficient of the natural logarithm of price is -2.14, and the natural logarithm of income is .90. Based on the t-stat, p-value etc. I am reasonably confident that the true coefficients are different from zero. Also I come up with the equation of:

    ln customers = .45 -2.14 ln(Price) + .90 ln(income)

    However I am not sure once I get to this point.
    I understand that the coefficients are elasticities but then what?

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    It is true that coefficients are elasticities in this case.

    Income elasticity of demand=0.90
    % change in income = -2.85%
    Income elasticity of demand = %change in demand / %change in Income
    Put the values in ...

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    Solution explains how much price cut is needed to compensate the decrease in customer base due to fall in income. It is explained with the help of elasticity co-efficients.