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Hybrid and Derivative Securities

I am having a hard time grasping these concepts. A. Under the debt with warrants, find the following (1) Straight debt value (2) Implied price of all warrants (3) Implied price of each warrant (4) Theoretical value of a warrant B. On the basis of A, do you think that the

Break-even and Cash flows

You are the chair of the budgeting team at a Health Care medical center and are in the process of approving the budget for the next few years. The following proposals have been made. Proposal 1. A psychiatric facility to operate in the medical center. The facility will provide services to patients on an outpatient basis. Th

Discussion Questions

Question #1 A. How does the concept of economies of scale relate to the trend of larger group practices? B. How does the concept of economies of scale relate to the success or failure of insurance companies? C. How does the current system of financing health care affect the number of uninsured or underinsured people?

Estimation of Cost- Calculations

Joe enjoys fishing & goes out about 20 times per year. One day, Sara told him that fishing is too expensive of a hobby. She thinks he should stop going because she calculated that it costs about %28.75 for every fish he catches because he usually catches about 20 fish per trip. She says it would be much cheaper to buy fish fr

Macroeconomics: elasticity and marginal rate of substitution

1. Demand curve: P = 1,000 â?" 25Q, where P is price and Q is quantity sold per month. dQ/dP = -1/100 n= (dQ/DP) * (P/Q) 1) Calculate the price elasticity of demand if price equals $250. 2)Calculate the price that maximizes total revenue. 2 Assume that you have $150 that you can spend on either concert tickets o

Corrective taxes and pollution

Chapter 10 2. Do you agree with the following statements? Why or Why not? a. The benefits of corrective taxes as a way to reduce pollution have to be weighed against the deadweight losses that these taxes cause. b. When deciding whether to levy a corrective tax on consumers or producers, the government should be careful to

Pricing in a medical practice

You are the administrator for a medical practice. The majority of your patients is covered by a certain insurance plan. The insurer has revised patient cost sharing for some services. Service Patient's Share old new 1 20% 30% 2 10% 10% 3 20% 10% Estimate what will happen to the revenue of the practice. Use t

Captial budgeting help

Happy Valley is considering moving from its present location into a new 200-bed facility. The estimated construction cost for the new facility is $40 million. The hospital has no internal funds and is considering a 20-year mortgage with interest scheduled to be eight percent. The issue will be repaid over 20 years with equal ann

A. What is an externality?b Provide examples.c Is it possible for a governmentâ??s solution to a market failure to actually worsen the failure? Explain your answer.Based on your observations, how are economic policies impacted by politics, and how does politics make a positive or a negative contribution to economic policy?

A. What is an externality? b. Provide examples. c. Is it possible for a governmentâ??s solution to a market failure to actually worsen the failure? Explain your answer. Based on your observations, how are economic policies impacted by politics, and how does politics make a positive or a negative contribution to

Operating Leverage & Breakeven Point

Trident Food Corporation generated th following income statement for the most recent fiscal year. Trident December 31, 2008 Sales Revenue $150,000 Variable Cost of Sales (112,500) Gross profit 37,500 Fixed Operating Cost 24,000 Net Operating Income (EBIT) 13,500 Interest (10,000) Earnings Before Taxes 3,500 Taxes

Subsidy v. Tax notes

What is the basic difference between using a subsidy to induce producers to install antipollution equipment and a tax on producers who pollute?

Financial Accounting Help Needed

Lowry Department Store is located in midtown Metropolis. During the past several years, net income has been declining because suburban shopping centers have been attracting business away from city areas. At the end of the company's fiscal year on November 30, 2010, these accounts appeared in its adjusted trial balance. Acc

Budget and Constraints

Over the past decade medical costs have increased more rapidly than other prices. In order to illustrate how rising medical costs have affected consumer alternatives, let X represent the quantity of medical services, and let Y represent the quantity of other goods. Furthermore, let income (M) be measured in hundreds of dollars,

Microeconomics Questions - Prisoners' Dilemma

1. Briefly explain whether or not the Prisoners' Dilemma has a first-mover advantage. 2. Briefly discuss the rationale for an insurance company including a deductible on a typical policy. 3. Consider sales taxes. If the goal of government is to raise tax revenue when imposing such taxes, which category of goods should t


Please show works where applicable. Use the table for the question(s) below. Consider a project with the following cash flows: Year Cash Flow 0 -10,000 1 4,000 2 4,000 3 4,000 4 4,000 1) Assume the appropriate discount rate for this project is 15%. The payback period for this proje

Concept of scarcity overview

As you are getting ready for your first day of work, you realize that you have several options of how to get to the bank on Wall Street. You could drive your car and look for street parking, or you could park in a parking garage. You might even take a taxi or the subway. You must get to work, so time is scarce. Then again, you a

Illegal immigration

The subject is illegal immigration and its impacts upon the American economy. Present the economic implications (pro and con) of the current immigration situation and discuss what you would recommend as a solution(s) to this problem. This is a very open ended type of analysis and there is no one specific solution--use your ana

Incentives and Health Care

INCENTIVES AND HEALTH CARE Economists like to say that people act in accordance with the incentives they face (that is, in accordance with the rewards or punishments set up for various actions, or, if you will, in accordance with costs and benefits to various choices.) Let us use the health care system in the United States as a

Case Study

Please see the attached file. THE BUSINESS SITUATION After graduating with a degree in business from Eastern University in Campus Town, USA, Michael Woods realized that he wanted to remain in Campus Town. After a number of unsuccessful attempts at getting a job in his discipline, Michael decided to go into business for h


Please see the attached file. The comparative statements of Villa Tool Company are presented below. VILLA TOOL COMPANY Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31 2009 2008 Net sales $1,818,500 $1,750,500 Cost of goods sold 1,011,500 996,000 Gross profit 807,000 754,500 Selling and administrative expense

AD-AS diagram - show effects of 'shocks in the economy'

Hi there: Please help with this question and provide graphs. thanks! __________________ **Consider the following series of shocks to the U.S. economy and show the effects in an AD-AS diagram (using an upward-sloping short-run aggregate supply curve). Be sure to label the curves clearly. --Shock 1: An increase in the

Engineering economy

Engineering economy questions. I need to know what formulas I need to use in order to solve the problems as well as how to solve the problems

Planning for capital investments

Tony Skateboards is considering building a new plant. James Bott, the company's marketing manager, is an enthusiastic supporter of the new plant. Alyssa Minh, the company's chief financial officer, is not so sure that the plant is a good idea. Currently the company purchases its skateboards from foreign manufacturers. The follow

Unemployment notes

I Unemployment and its natural rate. ?It can be based on current news and events. Present a news article relevant to the material of that particular week. The article should of course demonstrate or relate to a topic being covered that particular week (the topic I listed above) - a typical news article would be appropriate

Activity based costing

Parts cut off: Activity 1: expected used of cost driver (80,000 + 15,000 + 7,000)= 102,000 prints Activity 2: expected used of cost driver prints: 80,000 components prints and frame: 15,000 x 2 = 30,000 components print, mat and frame: 7,000 x 3 = 21,000 components total = 131,000 components activity 3:

Standard Costs and Balanced Scorecard

Ed Widner and Associates is a medium-sized company located near a large metropolitan area in the Midwest. The company manufactures cabinets of mahogany, oak, and other fine woods for use in expensive homes, restaurants, and hotels. Although some of the work is custom, many of the cabinets are a standard size. One such non-c

Budgetary control

LaRussa Inc. is preparing its annual budgets for the year ending December 31, 2009. Accounting assistants furnish the data shown below. Product JB 50 Product JB 60 Sales budget: Anticipated volume in units 400,000 200,000 Unit selling price $20 $25 Production budget: Desired ending finished goods units