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Capital Budgeting

1) Simpson corporation is considering a proposed expansion to its facilities. Which of the following statements is most correct? a. In calculating the project's operating cash flows, the firm should not subtract out financing costs such as interest expense, since these costs are already included in the WACC, which is

Capital Budgeting

1) Thompson corp has proposed project with normal cash flows. In other words, there is an up-front cost followed over time by a series of positive cash flows. The projects internal rate of return is 12 percent and its WACC is 10 percent. Which of the following statements is most correct? a. The projects NPV is positive

External financing - Plowback ratio

If a firm uses external financing as a plug item, has a new capital budget of $3 million, a net income of $4 million, and a plowback ratio of 35%, how much should be raised in external funds?

Corporate Valuation Problem

Parker Products manufactures a variety of household products. The company is considering introducing a new detergent. The company's CFO has collected the following information about the proposed product. (Note: You may or may not need to use all of this information, use only the information that is relevant.) The project ha

Managerial Economics

You drive 5000 miles a year and buy gasoline at the price of $2/gal. Except for differences in annual costs, you are indifferent between driving a 10 year old Buick ($400/yr, 20 miles per gal) or a 10 year old Toyota ($800/yr, 50 miles per gal). (a) Which one do you choose to drive? The yearly expense on the Buick = 400

Job costing, normal and actual costing

Job costing, normal and actual costing. Anderson Construction assembles residential houses. It uses a job-costing system with two direct-cost categories (direct materials and direct labor) and one indirect-cost pool (assembly support). Direct labor-hours is the allocation base for assembly support costs. In December 2006, A

Calcuating expenditures/GDP

I have attached a study sheet with some basic calculations about expenditures and GDP as well as income. Just need some help figuring out the problems. 1. Consider the following hypothetical data for the US. Economy (in billions of dollars). Durable Goods Consumption $ 497 Nondurable Goods Consumption 1,

Fixed and Variable Costs

Why can the distinction between fixed costs and variable costs be made in the short run? Distinction between fixed costs and variable costs can be made in the short run because a change in degree can be made. Also, a firm's plant capacity is fixed in short run and can use its existing plant capacity more or les intensively in

Voting Model - Flat Tax Proposal

A recent opinion poll shows the majority of respondents favor a flat tax of 20 percent on all income, subject to a $35,000 exemption. (The first $35,000 of income would be untaxed.) An independent politician adopts this flat-tax proposal. His opponent is a Democrat who favors increasing the top marginal tax rate to 42 percent.

Accounting - Relevant cash flows/NPO Terminal Value

Accounting - Relevant cash flows/NPO Terminal Value. See attached file for full problem description. ABC Company is considering replacing an existing hoist with one of the two newer more efficient pieces of equipment. The existing hosit is three years old, cost is $32,000 and is being depreciated under MACRS using a

GM and Ford

1. Do you think GM or Ford could have been more on top of market trends? How much is just foreign competition and how much is just bad management? Also, how much of it is government policy? Foreign producers do not pay health costs--over $1000 per US made vehicle--because foreign government fund health care, not the industry, fo

Risk and Uncertainty

A farmer's payoff matrix per plot is: Good Rain Year Bad Rain Year Coffee 140 27 Corn 64 50 Probability 1/4 3/4 Assume that the farmer has no access to insurance a

US Budget Surplus Recomendations

Suppose that you are economic adviser to President Bush, "propose two actions that the administration should take if the budget is in surplus that will protect the surplus. Propose two actions if the budget is in deficit to bring it out of deficit. What would be the impact on the U.S. economy for each of your recommendations?"

Budget Constraints

A consumer buys good X and good Y(composite good). Price of X is 1 and Price of Y is 0.1. Total budget for X and Y is 2. Show graphically the effect of a buy one get one free promo for X. Include explanation.

Congressional Budget Office

In 1999, the Congressional Budget Office projected forecasts of the budget surplus to be somewhere between 2 and 3 percent of GDP in the next ten years. Now, the economy has entered a recession, and the government has pledged to flight a prolonged war on terrorism. How is the forecast likely to change?

Fixed and variable costs problems

For furniture business, or your work group, prepare a list of all possible costs. For each, indicate if it is fixed or variable. If it is variable, indicate if it can be controlled within three months time. Does this firm have full control of its selling price, partial control, or must it accept the price that already exists in

The risk premium - Microeconomics

1. If X is a normal good, then a fall in price must lead to a rise in consumption, but if X is an inferior good then a fall in price may lead to a rise in consumption. Answer TRUE or FALSE and justify your answer in terms of income and substitution effects. 2. Suppose that George's utility function is given by u(w) = 1000w -

Planning: Forecasting and Budgeting

Given the following information, complete the cash budget: a. Collections occur one month after the sale b. January's credit sales were $80,000 c. The firm has a certificate of deposit for $40,000 that matures in April e. The monthly mortgage payment is $25,000 f. Monthly depreciation

Cost of Capital Problem

Current Balance Sheet Assets $100 Debt $10 Equity $90 Debt/Assets After-Tax Cost of Debt Cost of Equity Cost of Capital 0% 8% 12% ? 10% 8% 12% ? 20% 8% 12% ? 30% 8% 13% ? 40% 9% 14% ? 50% 10% 15% ? 60% 12% 16% ? What is the firm's weighted-average cost of capital at various combinations of debt and equ

Health Care Reform Project

Health Care Reform Project I chose flexible spending for prescription drugs. I have only found 1 website. Please help. Part I - Students will select a current health care economic issue such as managed care, health care spending, prescription drugs, impact of current legislation on health care, medical care for aging popul

Question Set

11. The relevant range of activity refers to the a. geographical areas where the company plans to operate. b. activity level where all costs are curvilinear. c. levels of activity over which the company expects to operate. d. level of activity where all costs are constant. 12. The financial budgets include

Manufacturing costs and budgeting

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 1. Define the three classes of manufacturing costs. 2. Distinguish between product and period costs. 3. List the five components of cost-volume-profit analysis. 4. Budgeting can be an important management tool if implemented properly. Ident

Bar T Ranches, Inc.

I cannot find any help in the textbook for this problem. As I'm taking an online course, finding alternative forms of help proves difficult. Here's the problem: Bar T Ranches, Inc. is considering buying a new helicopter for $350,000. The company's old helicopter has a book value of $85,000, but will only bring $60,000 if it

Ski Lodge operations- Capital Budgeting (before tax and after tax NPV)

I have a friend who owns a ski lodge and wants to add 5 new chairlifts at the cost of 2 million per lift. One new lift will allow 300 additional skiers, and there are only 40 days days of ticket sales, and each customer 55 dollars a day. Running the new lift will cost him 500 dollars a day for the 200 days his lodge is open.

Break even EBIT and Leverage

Break-Even EBIT. Duval Corporation is comparing two different capital structures, an all-equity plan (Plan I) and a levered plan (Plan II). Under Plan I, Duval would have 600,000 shares of stock outstanding. Under Plan II, there would be 300,000 shares of stock outstanding and $10 million in debt outstanding. The interest ra