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Output & Costs

Deciding Between New Equipment Options

A refuse recycling operation is considering installing some additional magnetic sorting equipment which will protect the processing equipment from damage. Three alternative systems have been identified, each of which is estimated to save the company $1,200 each year. The lifetime of each alternative is estimated to be 15 years.

Goods and Services

Prices, Output and Strategy: - Pick a good or service you are familiar with. Speculate how the price for that good or service may have been set and how well this price maximizes profit for the company and determine what shifts the company should make in its pricing strategy. Provide support for your recommendations. - Discuss

Fixed Cost Vs. Variable Cost

Can you help me explain this fixed and variable cost problem? I am not too sure how to go about answering this question. Problem: Organizations typically have high or low fixed costs. It is important to understand the difference between these two types of organizations and how their business decisions differ. One organizatio

Total Cost, Average Cost, Variable Cost, and Average Variable Cost

Your firm currently uses 69 workers to produce 300 units of output per day. The daily wage (per worker) is $100, and the price of the firm's output is $30. The cost of other variable inputs is $100 per day. Fixed costs are $2100 per day. What is total cost (TC)? What is average cost (AC)? What is variable cost (VC)? What is aver

Private and Public Goods and Optimal Output

1. Suppose point A represents the optimal mix of output, that is, the mix of private and public goods that maximizes society's welfare. Because consumers won't demand purely public goods in the marketplace, the price mechanism won't allocate so many resources to their production. Instead the market will tend to produce a mix of

Demand Curves and Price Determination

Suppose an airline flying on the New York - Chicago route has estimated the demand curves for three different types of customers: business (no advance purchase), leisure (7 day advance purchase), and discount (14 day advance purchase) travelers. They are: Business: P = 600-Q and MR = 600-2Q; Leisure: P = 500-2Q and MR = 5

Politics and underestimating actual costs

Suppose the military bureaucracy consistently misinforms Congress on the total costs of producing military hardware. Assume that it underestimates the actual costs and that the political representatives believe these estimates. How is this likely to cause a loss in efficiency? What are the efficient outputs of military hardware

Effect of Fixed Costs on Revenue

Say you are the manager of a perfectly competitive firm selling a t-shirts for restaurant advertisement. Your business is making a loss because total revenue is less than total costs. What would you do - shut down or continue to operate? Use hypothetical numbers to explain. Information you need to provide include - state the pro

Demand and revenue problems

Price ; Quantity Demanded $200 ; 1000 $150 ; 1400 $100 ; 1800 If price falls from $200 to $150, what is the elasticity of demand over this range? A. -0.625 B. -1.0 C. -1.17 D. -2.5 E. -3.0 As output increases from 1,000 to 1,400 what is marginal revenue? A. $25 B. $50 C. -$400 D. -$25 E. -$75 If price fal

Quality of Care

There exists what has been termed the triangle of healthcare. The three sides are: (a) cost, (b) access, and (c) quality. What is this triangle and the relationship of the three aspects? How does each one dramatically influence the others?

Calculate the NPVs of each Project.

Use MS Excel for your calculations. The following is a list of four projects that Capital Corporation must choose from for the coming year: Project Project Price Annual Net In?ows A 700,000 118,861 B 670,000 109,039 C 184,000

Managing A Small Manufacturing Facility

You have been hired to manage a small manufacturing facility whose cost and production data are given in the table below. No. of workers Total Labor Cost Output Total Revenue 1 $145 100 $190 2 290

Dealing with Competition Models

Given the following: P = 20,000 - 15.6Q and TC= 400,000 +4640Q + 10Q2 where P is the product price, Q is the output level, and Q2 is Q squared A. Given we have a monopoly due to a patent, determine the profit maximizing output level, the monopoly price, and economic profits(High price/high output model). B. Assuming

Operations Decision (Fictitious restaurant industry)

Assume you have been hired as a managing consultant by a company to offer some advice that will help it make a decision as to whether it should shut down completely or continue its operations. It currently uses 100 workers to produce 6,000 units of output per month (working 20 days / month). The daily wage (per worker) is $70, a

This post addresses John's pizza shop and economic decisions

When measuring costs, it is important to keep in mind of one of the Ten Principles of Economics: The cost of something is what you give up to get it. The opportunity cost of an item refers to all those things that must be forgone to acquire that item. When economists speak of a firm's cost of production, they include all the opp

In a competitive market, the market-determined price is $25

In a competitive market, the market-determined price is $25. For a typical firm producing 10,000 units of output, the firm's average cost reaches its minimum value of $25. Is this firm making the profit-maximizing decision? If not, what should the firm do? Question 8 answers No, it is not making the profit-maximizing decis

Two-Parts Tariff

A monopolist produces output with constant marginal and average cost of 10 $. There are two types of consumers (in equal numbers) that are potentially in the market for the good. Consumers of type A have a demand function of QA = 60 - PA , and consumers of type B have a demand function of QB = 60 -2PB. a. Suppose that the mon

Economic Output Variables

Hernandez Corp. uses two variable inputs, X and Y, to produce its final product, canoes. Its engineering department has estimated the marginal product functions for inputs X and Y as follows: MPx = Y/X MPy = 4 X/Y Where X and Y denote, respectively, the quantity in hours of inputs X and Y used. At present Hernandez Corp.

Profit Mazimization

Output Price Total Cost Total Revenue Marginal Revenue Marginal Cost Profit 0 $1,900 $1000 1 $1,700 $2000 2 $1,650 $2800 3 $1,600 $3500 4 $1,550 $4000 5 $1,500 $4500 6 $1,450 $5200 7 $1,400 $6000 8

Revenue (demand) and cost situation facing an individual firm

Please see attached. 8. Assume the table above shows the revenue (demand) and cost situation facing an individual firm. Further assume this firm has a Total Revenue equation that can be expressed as TR = 20Q. Based on that, answer the following. A. In the table above, fill in the missing values for Price, Total Revenue, Mar

Jernigan Jerseys is a wholesaler distributing

Jernigan Jerseys is a wholesaler distributing various NFL, NBA, and MLB style jerseys of various quality to minor league and non-professional teams. Two weeks ago they sold 25 jerseys on account to the Canton Catfish varsity football team in Canton, Mississippi for $45 each with an inventory cost of $28 each. Last week seven o

Transactions for CMC (Calrissian Mining Company)

Please match the following transactions for CMC (Calrissian Mining Company) with the appropriate special journal. - Calrissian purchased $1,800 of merchandise on credit from Fett Co., terms n/15 - Calrissian paid salaries $87,425 in cash - Calrissian sold merchandise costing $1,492 on credit to Organa Industries for $1,776,

Using the PPF to model the Cold War

We can use the PPF model to analyze an "Arms Race" between nations to understand and interpret important political events in history. Draw a PPF for military goods and civilian goods production (similar to the traditional example of "guns versus butter"). Then draw another PPF for a country that is about twice the size of the


The WSJ recently presented data suggesting that United Airlines was not covering its costs on flights from San Francisco to Washington D.C. The article quoted analysis saying that United should discontinue this service. The costs per flight (presented in the article) included the costs of fuel, pilots, flight attendants, food, e

Optimization: output, marginal cost, average cost, price

Please help with the following problem. Optimization: Giant Screen TV, Inc, is a manufacturer and distributor of high-resolution 50-inch television monitors and consoles for individual and commercial customers. Revenue and cost relations are: TR = $4,500Q - 0.1Q^2 MR = $4,500 - 0.2Q TC = $2,000,000 + $1,500Q + 0.5Q^2 MC

Pricing and Output Decision Making

Respond to the following: a. In certain industries, firms buy their most important inputs in markets that are close to perfectly competitive and sell their output in imperfectly competitive markets. b. Cite as many examples as you can of these types of businesses. c. Explain why the profits of such firms tend to increase wh

Overhead Cost Discussion

Respond to the following: a. Suppose the following was overheard at the water cooler: "I think our medical device company should take advantage of economies of scale by increasing our output, thereby spreading out our overhead costs." b. Would you agree with this statement (assuming this person is not your boss)? Why or why no