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Security and Encryption

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Please help me answer the following questions.

1. Explain how Internet security measures can actually create opportunities for criminals to steal, rather than prevent them.

2. What are some of the steps a company can take to curtail cybercriminal activity from within a business?

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The solution discusses security and encryption.

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One way that security measures can actually make it easier for hackers to steal information is in the system of trusted security certificates. These are notes of identification that connect data to its actual owner. This creates trust, where any data set can accessed only by those so authorized. In other words, it authenticates the system who is requesting the data; it is really who the system says it is. Sometimes, this is based on sending an email to those who are responsible for the data, the administrators. This email can be intercepted.

More sophisticated techniques include the public/private key connections. Public keys are access points to sets of data, and these must be in sync with the private identity of the requesting party. This is done usually by a third party that registers all who should have access to the data. There is one key that codes the data, and another that can decode it. One is private, the other is public. The private key that decodes the data is known only to its designer. This can be verified with a digital signature, that identifies the requesting party.

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