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    Security policies and procedures

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    Security policies and procedures should be designed at a point in time and then enforced without modification to prevent arbitrary compromising of any element of the complete security architecture.


    Security policies and procedures need constant review and revision to take into account changes in the systems, staff, and business partners.

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    Security Policies and Procedure

    A system designer can limits the kinds of the interactions that a given user can have with the entire system. For example, a bank can allow the users access to their own accounts through an automated teller machine (ATM) without allowing them to access to the banks entire database.

    Network security
    Network security issues include the protecting data from the unauthorized access and the viruses.
    Unauthorized Access: For a network to be useful, sensitive data must be protected from the unauthorized access. Protection can be accomplished at the number of the levels. At the lowest levels ate the user identification codes and password. At the higher level are the encryption techniques. In these mechanisms, data are systematically altered in such a way that if the unauthorized user interprets them, they will be unintelligible.
    Viruses: Because a network is accessible from many points, it can be susceptible to the computer viruses. A virus is an illicitly introduced code that damages the system. A good network is protected from viruses by the hardware and software designed specifically for that purpose.

    Network Security is becoming more and more useful as the volume of the data being exchanged on the Internet increases. When people use the Internet they have many expectation. They expect the data confidentiality and data integrity. They want to be able to identify the sender of the message. They want to be able to prove that a ...

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