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    Maximizing Profits - Demand and Marginal Revenue Curves

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    The (inverse) demand curve for the services of Oakland Pest Control Co. (OPCC) is given by

    P = $1000 - 2Q, where P is in dollars, and Q is residences/month.

    The cost equation is given by C = 2000 + 30Q.

    a. Sketch and label OPCC's demand and marginal revenue curves, and determine the maximum revenue it can make.

    b. What are OPCC's profit-maximizing price and output levels?

    c. How much profit does OPCC make if it services 100 residences per month?

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    Demand curve:
    P = 1000 - 2Q

    Total Revenue (TR) = PQ
    TR = (1000 - 2Q)Q
    TR = 1000Q - 2Q^2

    MR is the derivative of TR:
    MR = 1000 - 4Q

    See the attached file for the ...

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    This solution shows how to find the Quantity and Price that maximizes the profits of Oakland Pest Control when the firm's Demand Curve and Total Cost Curve are known.