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Economic Policy

Disability under the ADA

A HR Director for a medium size public corporation. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act are the following employees entitled to a "reasonable accommodation" and, if so, what would be "reasonable": 1. An executive secretary who suffers profound hearing impairment. 2. A current employee seeking promotion to shift leade

Positive and normative economic decisions

To what extent do you think normative economic analysis, as opposed to positive economic analysis, determines our nation's economic public policy decisions made by government? Why? Is that "good" or "bad"? Why?

Net Marginal Revenue

Will Truman and Associates, LLC is a successful Manhattan based law firm. Worker productivity at the firm is measured in billable hours, which vary between partners and associates. Partner time is billed to clients at a rate of 250 per hour whereas associates time is billed at a rate of 125 per hour. On average each partner

Project Payback

A project has a cost (projected outflow of ($14,000) in year 0. This project has the following projected inflows in years 1-5: year 1 $ 2,000 year 2 $ 4,000 year 3 $ 7,000 year 4 $ 7,000 year 5 $ 7,000. When is the pay back? (year / months)___________________ If this firm has

Economic fed rate predictor

I need about a powerpoint, using the last quarter gdp information (graphs) for the predict what the fed will do to interest rates in the next meeting.

Prisoner's dilemma and oligopolies

Imagine that you're on vacation in Russia, when suddenly you're arrested and accused of spying for the US. (You're innocent, of course). Your captors inform you that if you confess, you'll receive a prison sentence of two years, while your co-conspirator (whom you've never heard of) will receive a prison sentence of twenty years


A hotel owner, having heard that new hotels plan to open in the area, says, "We have too many hotels in this town already. Statistics show that vacancy rates average 20 percent on any given night." Assuming his statistics are correct, evaluate his negative assessment of the situation in terms of business-stealing and product-var

Voting Control of Corporations Based on Stock Ownership

Ross owns 918 shares of Flag Fabric Co. There are 13 directors to be elected. 31,000 shares of common stock are outstanding. There is cumulative voting. a. How many votes can be cast for directors? b. How many votes does Betsy control? c. What percentage of the vote does Betsy control?

Price matching policies

Suppose the 2 rival "Super Stores", Walmart and Target both adopt price matching policies. If people can find lower advertised prices on any items they sell, then they will match the lower prices. Explain why this policy might not be good news for consumers.

American Public Education Analysis

Need some good ideas on a solution to the following problem. How can we pay for this solution? Cuts in present programs or new taxes? Is there any thing we could change in our current U.S. constitution to implement a possible solution to the following problem? America spends more on each student in public education than any o

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Your previous response seems good and logical but I would feel more comfortable if the additional information I am going to give would change your response in any way. You already know the market percentages for General Motors, Ford, and Bmw. Let me give you the figures for the remaining companies:DaimlerChrysler(14%)Toyota(11%)