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American Public Education Analysis

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Need some good ideas on a solution to the following problem. How can we pay for this solution? Cuts in present programs or new taxes? Is there any thing we could change in our current U.S. constitution to implement a possible solution to the following problem?

America spends more on each student in public education than any other nation yet performs in the bottom of most achievement tests. How can we get every child in America to perform at the top? Develop ideas to solve this problem.

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Education is enshrined as a basic fundamental right in the constitutions of many progressive democracies of the world, but rarely is it implemented in its entirety in all but a handful of nations. The United States boasts the world's fourth largest population, but it is far from uncovered that the academic and cognitive capabilities of its young population are abysmally low. Students in the US fare pathetically in elementary mathematics when compares to the Japanese, in literature when compared to ...

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