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    Public education and achievement levels

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    America spends more on each student in public education (k-12) than any other developed nation and yet performs at the bottom of every international student achievement test. How can we get every child up to the 10% of student achievement in the world?

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    United States is among the countries expending the highest proportion of their gross national product on education, however the elementary and secondary school students never place above the median in international comparative studies of academic achievement. By virtually every measure of achievement, American students are far behind their counterparts in both Asia and Europe, especially in math and science. The evidences suggest that they are still falling farther and farther behind.

    One of the reasons is that neither the schools nor the students spend very much time at it. American students must increase spending time especially in academic subjects. The National Education Commission on Time and Learning found that most American students spend less than half their day actually studying academic subjects. The ...

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