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    Business Cycles

    Market Structures

    1) Over the course of a product life cycle, as the firm moves through the sequence of monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and pure competition, the profit opportunities diminish. What strategies could the firm pursue to prolong its profitability? 2) Firms that operate in an oligopoly must take into consideration h

    Financial Problem

    You are a junior analyst at a well-known mutual fund company (i.e., a buy-side analyst) and are assigned to value, say, the stock of General Electric. You look around at what famous analysts have written and you find one who says that the stock is overpriced at its current price (roughly $33/ share as of June 27, 2006). Anothe

    Average collection period and Current ratio

    On average, Microlimp's accounts receivables total $3,000,000 on annual sales of $400,000,000. What is Microlimp's average collection period? How would the following actions affect a firm's current ratio? a. Inventory is purchased and paid for with cash, it is not purchased on acc

    MusicCo Fixed and Variable Cost - Task 1

    I need to write a 700 to 1,000 word report to me offering your recommendations. Part 1 The first part of the report will include the following: ? A spreadsheet that shows the sound-card division's costs and identifies the quantities associated with MusicCo's current production plan and each VP's recommendation. ? An

    Short-Run Production Cycle

    Am I on the right track? Define short-run for a given firm. The short-run is the decision-making period during which at least one input is considered fixed. The fixed input is generally considered to be some aspect of capital, such as the production facility or it could be a normally variable input that is fixed due to pro

    A plan for how the company will respond to future changes in the keyboard market.

    The goal is to support your conclusions with data, and explain the difference between the long run and the short run and how this distinction is important for X keyboard division, the conditions under which the company should exit the keyboard market and why,the conditions that determine the length of the short run for X's keyb

    Debate federal income tax exemption

    What are the arguments for and against the critisim of the federal income tax exemption of interest on state-local debt as being an inefficient subsidy because there is no national interest in capital projects being financed by borrowing rather than by current revenues?