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    recommendations for effectively managing a virtual team

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    Discuss the obstacles and provide recommendations for effectively managing a virtual team.

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    Let us first look at the sweeping changes taking place in front of our very eyes.

    "The Virtual Team" is a concept that has become extremely popular in various forms. First propounded by GE CEO Jack Welch in 1990 as the "Boundaryless" organisation, the idea has caught on extremely fast amongst global majors.

    A key concept behind Virtual teams is how multiple entities can come together, without the end consumer even realizing it at times, to provide the consumer with the final product, creating a win-win situation at all times. Such a move would obviously require immense sharing of responsibilities, information; traditional boundaries as we know between organisations will become immaterial.

    Why virtual teams !

    The reasons for the emergence of virtual teams are as follows:

    First, the business space is changing at an exponential increase in velocity, complexity, unpredictability and hyper competitiveness in the global arena. There is greater thrust on better quality at less cost.

    Secondly, newer and more stringent standards in quality and processes will keep everyone on their toes. Quality will be a passport for entry but not a license for continuing business.

    Third, global business requires a global workforce with mix from all geographies. People processes and practices must straddle cross-cultural gaps.

    Finally, there are some who predict that the entire nature of the organization will change. Rigid structures is giving way to velcro-like relationships. Roles are becoming become fluid.

    The management ...

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