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    Draw an E-R Diagram

    Draw an E-R diagram with all appropriate notation for the following situation. In a particular fruit-growing region there are a number of orchards. Each ORCHARD is identified by its LOCATION. In general, each orchard contains a large number of trees (assume that an orchard must contain at least one tree). A TREE entity has the a

    Divide and Conquer a Binary Tree

    Consider an n-node complete binary tree T, where n=2^d - 1 for some d. Each node v of T is labeled with a real number x_v. You may assume that the real numbers labeling the nodes are all distinct. A node v of T is a local minimum if the label x_v is less than the label x_w for all nodes w that are joined to v by an edge. You

    How to Create Gantt Charts

    A Gantt chart is a very useful tool for analyzing and planning such complex projects. They: I. Help you to plan out the tasks that need to be completed II. Give you a basis for scheduling when these tasks will be carried out III. Allow you to plan the allocation of resources needed to complete the project, and IV. Help you

    DNS Working: Domain Name Resolution to an IP Address

    Your job is to support the desktop computers in a small company of 32 employees. A consulting firm is setting up a private Web server to be used internally by company employees. The static IP address of the server is Employees will open their Web browser and enter personnel.mycompany.com in the URL address box to

    Proof of the number of nodes in a binomial tree

    A binomial tree of height O, Bo is a one node tree. A binomial tree of height k, Bk is formed by attaching a binomial tree, Bk-1 to the root of another binomial tree another binomial tree Bk-1. Prove that a binomial tree Bk has 2to the power k nodes.

    Site Structures (linear & hierarchical)

    Browse the Web to find examples of the following site structures (A. Linear and B. Hierarchical) and describe how the content fits the structure. Explain how the chosen structure adds to or detracts from the effectiveness and ease of navigation of the site. Determine whether the site provides sufficient navigation information.

    XML and DOM

    :, Write a 3 to 5 page paper summarizing your experiences of working with Document Object Model and XML . Then prepare Screen Shots of your efforts. Write a 1 page paper discussing your impressions of the XML Eclipse tools. Include your screen shots and 1 to 2 page paper with the paper from requirement 1 describing XML standards

    Quality and Reliability

    Hi, I need assistance in writing 500-600 words on quality and reliability - they are related concepts but are fundamentally different in a number of ways. Discuss them. Regards, Vishnu Vandana

    Mathematical Properties of Binary Trees

    ----------- Show that if binary tree T is full at level i, then it is full at every level j smaller than i. --------------- Show that the depth of the complete binary tree Tn for a general n is given by D(Tn) = [log2n]. See attached for better format. ------------ Using induction, give a direct proof of Propo

    Object Identifier Tree

    In reference to the Object Identifier tree a. What do you expect the subject of the standard 1.2.840.113549 to be? (Make a guess). b. Where in the tree would a new Microsoft file format for a new product be placed?

    Java programmers and class hierarchies

    Java programmers can use class hierarchies for the purposes of inheritance. For example, given a Tree class, we could define Conifer and Deciduous sub classes that inherit from the parent Tree class as you can see here: See attached file for full problem description.

    Must Draw a Decision Tree for this Situation

    Premium Airlines has recently offered to settle claims for a class-action suit, which was originated for alleged price fixing of tickets. The proposed settlement is stated as follows. Draw a decision tree for this situation. Initially, Premium Airlines will make available to the settlement class a main fund of $25 million in

    Formulating an Algorithm

    In English like pseudo-code, or structured English -- just to make sure everyone can read it; write an algorithm to determine if a string is a palindrome. A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelled the same whether you are reading it forwards or backwards (ex. race car, Madam I'm Adam). Your algorithm should ignore spaces

    Three Algorithm True or False Questions

    e) Let G = (V,E) be a weighted graph and let T be a minimum spanning tree of G. The path in T between any pair of vertices v_1 and v_2 must be a shortest path in G. True or False? f) If an edge e = (u,v) is in a minimum spanning tree of an undirected graph G = (V,e) with nonnegative weight function w, then there exist two

    MS Access database

    (See attached file for full problem description) --- Implement the database in MS access with Relationships, tables, keys, indexes and a view(query) that duplicated the spreadsheet and list all functional dependencies and assumptions used to design and implement the database. ---

    Edge connectivity

    The edge connectivity of an undirected graph is the minimum number <i>k</i> of edges that must be removed to disconnect the graph. For example, the edge connectivity of a tree is 1, and the edge connectivity of a cyclic chain of vertices is 2. Show how the edge connectivity of an undirected graph G = (V, E) can be determined b

    Minimum Spanning Tree

    Given a graph G and a minimum spanning tree T, suppose that we decrease the weight of one of the edges in T. Show that T is still a minimum spanning tree for G. More formally, let T be a minimum spanning tree for G with edge weights given by weight function w. Choose one edge (x, y) is a subset of T and a positive number k, and

    Rendezvous Points and Autonomous Systems

    Note that when a RP at an autonomous system A learns of a source S at another routing domain B, then the RP at A joins the shortest path tree of S rather than joining the tree of the RP of B. Assume instead, that a RP, when it learns of a source at another autonomous system, it joins the tree of the RP at the other domain, r

    Point to point links AND reverse path flooding

    Assume we have a network of nodes connected via point to point links, and a source S sends a message that will be broadcast to all nodes using Reverse-Path-Flooding. Assume that routers do not keep track of broadcast messages they have seen earlier. Assume also that routing tables change frequently, however, when a node chang

    Backbone internet company

    Discuss and assess two reasons a backbone internet company might not peer with another backbone provider.

    Huffman tree

    Hi Please find correct answer and explain. Question: Consider the Huffman tree where the character frequencies are: Freq(A)=16, Freq(B)=8; Freq(C)=4;Freq(D)=2;Freq(E)=1;Freq(F)=1. The total length of the encoding with the above frequencies and the derived Huffman tree is: Answers: a) 62 b) 63 c) 64 d)

    Depth First Search

    Hi I would appreciate if you could say if the statement below is TRUE or FALSE and explain why. Given a graph G, we might start a DFS from two different vertices, u and v. Any back edge in the DFS starting from u is also a back edge in the DFS starting from v.


    ) Assume the following alphabet with eight symbols, where each symbol has the listed probability of occurrence. Symbol Probability of Occurrence 000 .15 001 .1 010 .05 011 .4 100 .025 101 .02 110 .005 111 .25 (a) Assuming that symbols are compressed using Huffman Coding and that the most likely symbol is encoded as

    Pointerlists Manipulated

    Whenever the pointer of a list or a tree is manipulated, the procedure that performs this operation must be considered to be in a critical section. Please explain why the above statement is true and what the cause of that need is.