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    MATLAB Convolution Simulation

    Write and verify a computer program to perform the convolution of two discrete signals. [1] The convolution program should be written as an m-file able to handle two general discrete signals. The M-file will be ain function file format, it will take two inputs sin1, sin2, and return an output sout. sin1, sin2: can be ro

    Writing MATLAB M-File

    Write M-file to calculate the future value of an initial investment, or the amount that needs to be deposited annually to reach future investment goal. This program is to be written as a single M-file that uses as interrogatory input statement to determine which calculation to perform. The equations required: F=I(1+r/n)^

    Matlab plotting cosh and sinh on a single plot using a script file

    I have no idea what I'm doing. I got help writing a Matlab program that plots the cosh(3x-(pi/2)) and sinh(5x+(pi/8)) on a single plot from x=-5 to 25 using a script file. But could you please explain to me what each line of this script file represents/does and how I actually get the graph to come up in Matlab? I especially don'