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    Matlab plotting cosh

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    I have no idea what I'm doing. I got help writing a Matlab program that plots the cosh(3x-(pi/2)) and sinh(5x+(pi/8)) on a single plot from x=-5 to 25 using a script file. But could you please explain to me what each line of this script file represents/does and how I actually get the graph to come up in Matlab? I especially don't understand what the i's, n's, and colons are for. Please see attachment.


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    Here is the description of the meaning of different symbols used in script file:

    % => comment out the line

    x(1) = - 5 => first point of x starts from -5
    n =300 => the value assigned to variable n
    for i =1:n+1 => loop for i =1 to n+1
    y(1,i) => first y function's ...

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    Matlab plotting cosh is embedded. The Matlab plotting cosh and sinh on a single plot using a script are examined.


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