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    Basic 1D signal presentation and plotting in MATLAB

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    Include answers for Problems and include MATLAB coding along with any output plots that support solutions

    1. The input-output equation characterizing an amplifier that saturates once the input reaches certain values is:

    (see attached file for equations)

    Where x(t) is the input and y(t) the output.

    a. Plot the relation between the input x(t) and the output y(t). Is this a linear system? For what range of input values is the system linear, if any?

    b. Suppose the input is a sinusoid x(t) = 20 cos(2t)u(t), carefully plot x(t) and y(t) for t = -2 to 4.

    2. The following op-amp circuit is used to measure the changes of temperature in a system. The output voltage is given by:

    Suppose that the temperature in the system changes cyclically after t = 0, so that:

    Let the input be Vi(t) = 1 volt.

    a. If the switch closes at t0 = 0 msec., plot the output voltage V01(t) for 0≤t≤0.2 sec. in time-intervals of 0.01 sec.

    b. If the switch closes at t0 = 50 msec., plot the output voltage V01(t) for 0≤t≤0.2 sec. in time-intervals of 0.01 sec.

    3. A zener diode is such that the output corresponding to an input Vs(t) = cos(t) is a "clipped" sinusoid

    (see attached file for equations)

    Use MATLAB to generate the input and output signals and plot them in the same plot for 0≤t≤4 at time intervals of 0.001.

    a. Is this system linear? Compare the output obtained from Vs(t) with that obtained from 0.3 Vs(t).

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