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Contains basic function in MATLAB files.

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Write MATLAB script(s) to plot the basic signals below in two subplots. The upper subplot should be a continuous waveform (don't do g) and the lower subplot should be a discrete plot.

a) Sinusoidal waveform
b) Exponential Waveform
c) Damped Sinusoid
d) Sinc function
e) Step Function & Square Wave
f) Triangle Wave
g) Impulse Function

Make sure there are enough points so that the upper plots look continuous, and fewer points for the lower subplots, so that points are distinguishable.

Also, Write a/multiple function(s) to perform the various signal transformations.


This should be a coded function. I.e. -> function signal_out-transform(t,signal_in, transform_string)

Signal_out will be the output of the function (transformed signal)
t is the time axis used for signal_in
signal_in could be any one of the signals created from part 2
transform_string is a number (1 for scaling, 2 for translation, 3 for reflection) or the actual string ('reflection', 'scaling', 'translation') which determines the signal operation being formed. Writing it as 3 individual functions is okay.

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Solution Summary

The basic functions in MATLAB files are contained. Sinusoidal wave forms are found.

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