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Runge-Kutta Method

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Problem 1

1. Write an Matlab m-file to solve this problem with Runge-Kutta method. Solve the concentration of T1 and T2 (or salt content) as function of time (up to 100 minutes). Both T1 and T2 are mixing tanks (assume immediate mixing). T1's capacity is 100 gallon and T2's capacity is 200 gallon. Initially, T1 contains full tank of salt solution which has 100 pounds of salt, T2 has full tank of pure water. When the input valve on T1 is turned on, the input flow rate (F1) is 10 gallon per minute with concentration of salt 0.6 pound per gallon flows into T1, and 15 gallons per minute (R1) of solution flows into T2, and 5 gallons per minute of solution flows from T2 to T1 (R2), and 20 gallons of solution (R3) flows out of T2. Also there is input (F2) flows into T2 at 10 gallons per minute. F2's concentration is 1 pound per gallon.

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The Runge-Kutta method is solved using Matlab m-files. F2 concentrations for one pound per gallons are given.

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Dear student,

This problem is about dynamic of amount of salt flowing through the solution in two compartment (two tank) system. This dynamic system can be solved by Runge-Kutta method using ode45 solver in MATLAB programing. The Matlab code is attached with this post. Doc file named "548485_Problem 1_Solutin_updated.docx" ...

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