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    Fourth Order Runge Kutta method Detailed Step by Step Soln.

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    Use Runge-Kutta method of order four to approximate the solution to the given initial value problem and compare the results to the actual values.

    y'=e^(t-y) , 0 <=t <=1 , y(0)=1 with h = 0.5(Interval)

    Actual solution is y(t)= In((e^t+e-1).

    For full description of the problem, please see the attached question file.

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    For the first interval of h = 0.5 we get as below (for step by step explanation please see the attached solution file)
    k1=0.183940 , k2=0.215430 , k3= 0.212065 , k4 = ...

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