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Coding Time in C

For a certain program, 1% of the code accounts for 50% of the execution time. Compare the following strategies with respect to programming time and execution time. Assume that it would take 100 man-months to write it in C, and that assembly code is 10 times harder to write and four times more efficient. Also assume it would ta

CSCI Excel 2003 Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following enables you to calculate the input value required to yield a desired outcome result? a. Tools, Goal seek b. Insert, Goal seek c. Format, Goal seek d. Tools, Options, Goal seek e. Data, Goal seek Save Answer 2. Which of the following belong in the Goal Seek dialog box? a. By changing cell

MATLAB (Must be coded for MATLAB)

I need a detailed script in order to show this works in MATLAB. I need number 18 or the circle problem, and thank-you so much for your help.

MATLAB (Must be coded for MATLAB)

I need a detailed script in order to show this works in MATLAB. This problem. All I need is the circled #3 problem, but only required to do the top a) and b) graphs.

Automata and Computability

Let C be a language. Prove that C turing-recognizable if a decidable language D exists such that C = {x | y (x,y  D)}.

Program to produce a sales report

I need to write a program to produce a sales report similar to the one below that indicates individual percentage contribution by each employee. The program must allow the user to enter a user id number and sales amount for up to 10 employees, but must allow fewer to be entered if desired, stopping input when the user enters the

C program using functions, switch statements, if statements

I have a hard time getting started. The program is to help a student learn multiplication. I have to use the rand function to produce two positive one-digit integers. The program should type a question such as: How much is 6 times 7? The student will then type the answer. The program will then check the answer . If it i

Inverse Least Squares with Matlab

The data for these calculations are: contains the spectra of twenty known samples, contains the concentrations of a target chemical T in each of the twenty samples, and gives the spectra of fifteen more samples whose concentrations of T you will predict. Concentrations2xyz is just to c

C project

In this project, you will build a program used by an admissions office to help process applicants for a graduate degree in engineering. Your program will read several database files containing applicant information and other information relevant to the applications process. Based on an admissions "formula," you will compute a

What value will be printed for c and d before the loop is executed?

In the following code snippet, what value will be printed for c and d before the loop is executed? What value will be printed afterward? Why do you feel that this will occur? (Code needed to make this a complete program intentionally left out.) int c = 99; int a[5]; int d = 12; printf("c = %dn",c); printf("d = %dn",

What will be printed when run in Miracle C?

In the following code, what will be printed when run in Miracle C? Why? (Code needed to make this a complete program intentionally left out.) int j; while (j < 3) { printf("The value of j = %d",j); j = j + 1; } printf("Done! ";);

Database Design Questions

1. What function must a file management system perform? a. Create the file structure. b. Add data to the file. c. Delete data from the file. d. All of the above e.None of the above 2. In a network database each set is composed of two record types: an owner record and a _________________ record. a. root b. chil

Do you think that the following C code will compile?

Do you think that the following C code will compile? Why or why not? What will be printed by it? char c; c = '1'; switch (c) { case 1 : printf("It is 1n"); break; case 2 : printf("It is 2n"); break; case 49: printf("It is 49n"); }

Creating a checkers board game in C.

In this project, you will build a program that allows two human players to play the game of checkers. Your program will graphically maintain the state of the game board and prompt the players for moves on the standard input/output. Your program will also know the rules of checkers, and will check the validity of moves to maintai

So why would Miracle C block this but Visual C++ does not?

In the following lines of code, the Miracle C compiler will not compile the line of code in the center (float x = 1/a;). Why does this occur? How can it be corrected? int a = 3; float x = 1/a; printf("The value in x is: %f",x); In some of the compilers the integer division returns an integer and hence cannot be stored

Computer Science Information Systems and Design


Miracle C program Calculator + Flow Chart

1. What is the input of the problem? (Purchase Total of $125.00 for each store) ? Del Mar - 7.25% ? Encinitas - 7.5% ? La Jolla - 7.75% _____________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the output of the problem? The sales tax amount for each store of the 125.00 Purchase for each. ___

Network security questions

There are eight network security questions. I have answered the questions however, I am unclear if I am correct. Please review and if I am wrong, please provide the correct answer along with your explanation. 1. Which of the following pieces of information can be found in the IP header? a. Source address of the IP pac

C Programming Grocery Store Checkout System using Files

Please help with the following as it relates to the existing code (separate attachment) Instead of getting the product names and prices from the standard input, enhance the program to read it from a file instead. Do not hard-code the filename within the program; ask the user to enter it instead. Also, enhance the program to s

Miracle C program on a Grocery Shop

I need to modify the existing code (separate attachment) to be more orderly in its output appearance. Basically so that the displays are similar to what is below in the samples. Right now, I get this error when attempting to compile in Miracle C: c:program filesmiracle cnewweek4.c: line 18: wrong # args in function call '{