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C project

In this project, you will build a program used by an admissions office to help process applicants for a graduate degree in engineering. Your program will read several database files containing applicant information and other information relevant to the applications process. Based on an admissions "formula," you will compute a

Database Design Questions

1. What function must a file management system perform? a. Create the file structure. b. Add data to the file. c. Delete data from the file. d. All of the above e.None of the above 2. In a network database each set is composed of two record types: an owner record and a _________________ record. a. root b. chil

Creating a checkers board game in C.

In this project, you will build a program that allows two human players to play the game of checkers. Your program will graphically maintain the state of the game board and prompt the players for moves on the standard input/output. Your program will also know the rules of checkers, and will check the validity of moves to maintai

Miracle C program Calculator + Flow Chart

1. What is the input of the problem? (Purchase Total of $125.00 for each store) ? Del Mar - 7.25% ? Encinitas - 7.5% ? La Jolla - 7.75% _____________________________________________________________________ 2. What is the output of the problem? The sales tax amount for each store of the 125.00 Purchase for each. ___

Network security questions

There are eight network security questions. I have answered the questions however, I am unclear if I am correct. Please review and if I am wrong, please provide the correct answer along with your explanation. 1. Which of the following pieces of information can be found in the IP header? a. Source address of the IP pac

C Programming Grocery Store Checkout System using Files

Please help with the following as it relates to the existing code (separate attachment) Instead of getting the product names and prices from the standard input, enhance the program to read it from a file instead. Do not hard-code the filename within the program; ask the user to enter it instead. Also, enhance the program to s

Miracle C program on a Grocery Shop

I need to modify the existing code (separate attachment) to be more orderly in its output appearance. Basically so that the displays are similar to what is below in the samples. Right now, I get this error when attempting to compile in Miracle C: c:program filesmiracle cnewweek4.c: line 18: wrong # args in function call '{

C Programming Help

C Programming Problem. I need help writing a program in C that meets the following criteria: 1) There are 5 products for sale at a grocery store ( I want to use cucumbers, lettuce, grapes, apples and bananas) 2) The five products are all sold by weight (pounds). 3) Customers need to be prompted to enter the price (per pound)

Help With C Programming

C programming. Let us consider a simple grocery store with just 5 products. Assume that all items are sold by weight. Select 5 vegetables to use in the program. Prompt the user to enter the price (i.e. price per pound) for each of the vegetables. A customer walks-in with an unusual request: He wants to know the maximum amount o

Multiple Choice, nine part question involving memory

Use the following to answer questions 1-1 and 1-2. Given the following memory values and a one-address machine with an accumulator, what values do the following instructions load into the accumulator? Word 20 contains 40. Word 30 contains 50. Word 40 contains 60. Word 60 contains 20. Register 1 contains 10. Register

Multiple choice, four part question involving binary computing

1-1 Binary code "000000000000000111111111100" represents A. 409910 B. 409310 C. 409410 D. 409210 E. none of the above is correct. 1-2 What is the 2's complement of F ? Wherein F = 2's complement of (2's complement of "11111101000001"): A. "100011110111110" B. "110110001000001" C. "0111000010000

Problem set

(See attached file for full problem description) --- 1. Analyze the following pseudocode. Whats the ansr's final value ? Num = 8 ansr =0 if num > 5 then if num < 20 then ansr =1 else ansr = 2 endif endif . A) 0 B) 1 C) 2 D) 7 2. Which piece of pseudocode represent the checking the loop condition A) rep = 1 (B) rep=r

Some exercises with Arrays

Arrays are collections of elements of the same type. The elements of the array can be accessed using their position (index) in the array. Arrays may have several dimensions: they can be similar to lists (1-dimension), matrices (2-dimensions), cubes (3-dimensions) etc. 1. The first exercise involves a 1-dimensional array of

Select (Medians and Order statistics)

Please review problem and verify the solution. problem --------- In the algorithm SELECT, the input elements are divided into groups of 5. Will the algorithm work in linear time if they are divided into groups of 7? Argue that SELECT does not run in linear time if groups of 3 are used. solution --------- Use groups o

Calculation and conversion of time given in hours, minutes and seconds

1- inputs a time duration in hours, minutes, and seconds; 2-calculates the equivalent total number of seconds; 3-recalculates the hours, minutes, and seconds from the total; 4-displays the values of the hours, minutes, seconds, and total seconds. Specific Requirements 1-The program must be otherwise formatted and docume

Microsoft excel

28. What is the first step that should be taken when creating a chart? A. providing a name for the chart B. selecting the chart type C. selcting the range of cells that contain the data the chart will use D. choosing the data labels that will be used on the chart 29. If you want to print only the chart in a worksheet, wh

Menu based Currency Conversion Program in C

Expand the "Currency Conversion" program to include a menu that allows the user to choose which currency he/she wishes to display in its equivalency to the US dollar. - Correctly use at least 1 function or subroutine Permit the user to input an amount to be converted into US Dollars. You may assume that a number is input. Y

Files and Streams

Information about computer terminals in a computer network is maintained in a file. The terminals are numbered 1 through 100, and information about the nth terminal is stored in the nth line of the file. This information consists of a terminal type (string), the building in which it is located (string), the transmission rate (

Programming Problems (Selection)

Write a function convertLength() that receives a real value and two strings inUnits and outUnits, then converts the value given in inUnits to the equivalent metric value in outUnits and displays this value. The function should carry out the following conversions: inUnits outUnits I c

Using Classes is demonstrated.

Revernd Zeller developed a formula for computing the day of the week on which a given date fell or will fall. Suppose that we let a, b, c, and d be integers defined as follows: a = the number of a month of the year, with March = 1, April = 2, and so on, with January and February being counted as months 11 and 12 of the preceed

How to write C/C++ library functions for Time conversions?

Construct a library Time that contains the time-conversion functions (given a number of seconds, returns the equivalent number of minutes; given the number of minutes, returns the equivalent number of hours; given the number of hours, returns the equivalent number of days; given the number of seconds, returns the equivalent numb

Example of a Flow Chart and Written Specification of a C Program

I need an example of a flow chart and specification sheet of a C program. Here is an example of a C program: /*Currency conversion.*/ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <math.h> #include <system.h> main () { /* Data Declaration statements*/ int Curr_type; float For_curr; float Equ_curr; pri

developing a game program in c

//Game specification is to write a program that plays a variant of the solitaire //game known as Klondike. The goal is to construct four sequences of cards. The //foundation piles, each sequence is formed by putting cards of the same suit //into the same pile ascending order beginning with the ace. The setup of the game