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Oxidation-Reduction and Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry - Half-reactions and overall cell process

I am trying to determine the separate half-reactions and overall cell process for the following and need some help: A miniature battery is composed of Zn and a paste of KOH, water, mercury (II) oxide, and mercury. Zinc and potassium hydroxide are consumed, mercury is deposited, and potassium zincate is formed. Also, wha

Chemistry Problem Set - Eknot, Gknot, and Oxidizing Agent

2. Find Eknot fora cell composed of silver and gold electrodes in 1 molar solutions of their respective ions: Eknot red Ag = .7991 volts, Eknot red Au = 1.68 volts a -.44 volts b 0 volts c .44 volts d .88 volts 5 A Zn|Zn2+||Cu2-|Cu cell has an Eknot of 1V. Calculate Gknot for the reaction (in kJ) b -193 c 1 d 1

Chemical Reactions with Aluminum Foil

We had a lab using Cu(II) Chloride dihydrate, water and Aluminum foil. we put the Cu(II) in water, stirred and then crumpled the foil and dropped in solution. We are supposed to describe any additional experiment we would do to prove our hypothesis. (The aluminum pulled the copper solids out of the solution and the aluminum d

Reduction Through Constant Current Electrolysis

Reduction through constant current electrolysis a) How much Cr3+ was reduced to Cr2+? b) A few seconds after the electrolysis was stopped, the potential of the cell came to rest at -0.524 volts. How much Cr3+ actually remains in the solution? c) What was the original Cr3+ concentration?

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

In the following reaction, identify the oxidizing and reducing agents. Cd + NiO2 + 2H2O to Cd(OH)2 + Ni(OH)2 a) Cd+2 is the reducing agent, NiO2 is the oxidizing agent. b) Cd is the reducing agent, H2O is the oxidizing agent. c) Cd is the reducing agent, NiO2 is the oxidizing agent. d) Cd is the reducing agent,

Identifying oxidizing and reducing agents

6. In the following reaction, identify the oxidizing and reducing agents. 3Ca + VO3 --> 3CaO + V a. Ca+2 is the reducing agent, VO3 is the oxidizing agent b. Ca is the oxidizing agent, VO3 is the reducing agent c. Ca is the reducing agent, V is the oxidizing agent d. Ca is the reducing agent, O-2 is

Molarities of Zinc and Silver Ions in an Electrochemical Cell

It is given that the electrochemical cell is at 298K. At time zero [Zn 2+ ]= 1.0 x 10 ^-3 M and [Ag +] = 0.500 M. Calculate the molarities of zinc and silver ions after a current of 2.00 amperes flow for 20 hours. Please show step by step and the units you are using.