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Oxidation-Reduction and Electrochemistry

Dehydrated Ethanol Reaction (Calculating Moles)

At intermediate concentrations of H2S04 in the temperature range 140-170 degrees C, ethanol may be dehydrated by two different independent reactions {see attachment}. Suppose that 30% of the ethanol reacts via reaction (1) and 70% via reaction (2). How many moles of water are produced per mole of original ethanol?

Question About Electrolysis

By the electrolysis of water, 11.2L of oxygen at STP was prepared. a) What charge was required? b) If a current of 0.5A was used, how long would it take?

Electrochemistry - Half-reactions and overall cell process

I am trying to determine the separate half-reactions and overall cell process for the following and need some help: A miniature battery is composed of Zn and a paste of KOH, water, mercury (II) oxide, and mercury. Zinc and potassium hydroxide are consumed, mercury is deposited, and potassium zincate is formed. Also, wha

Ion selective electrode problem

The data below is obtained with a potassium ISE. To avoid interferences from H+ and variations in ionic strength all solutions were made to contain 0.33 M Ca(NO3)2 and 0.0010 M NaOH. An unknown solution was similarly prepared and gave a reading of -0.0273 volts. a) What is the slope of the ISE response? (This is the same a

Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

In the following reaction, identify the oxidizing and reducing agents. Cd + NiO2 + 2H2O to Cd(OH)2 + Ni(OH)2 a) Cd+2 is the reducing agent, NiO2 is the oxidizing agent. b) Cd is the reducing agent, H2O is the oxidizing agent. c) Cd is the reducing agent, NiO2 is the oxidizing agent. d) Cd is the reducing agent,

How to identify oxidizing or reducing agents.

6. In the following reaction, identify the oxidizing and reducing agents. 3Ca + VO3 --> 3CaO + V a. Ca+2 is the reducing agent, VO3 is the oxidizing agent b. Ca is the oxidizing agent, VO3 is the reducing agent c. Ca is the reducing agent, V is the oxidizing agent d. Ca is the reducing agent, O-2 is

Mass balance of gasoline oxidation

Assuming that gasoline is 100% isooctane,that isooctane burns to produce only CO2 and H2O,and that the density of isooctane is 0.6955 g/mL,what mass of CO2(in Kg)is produced each year by the annual U.S. gasoline consumption of 460,000,000,000L.

Molarities of Zinc and Silver Ions in an Electrochemical Cell

It is given that the electrochemical cell is at 298K. At time zero [Zn 2+ ]= 1.0 x 10 ^-3 M and [Ag +] = 0.500 M. Calculate the molarities of zinc and silver ions after a current of 2.00 amperes flow for 20 hours. Please show step by step and the units you are using.