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Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management

III- Working Capital Management A- Applegate Bicycle Company is trying to devise an aprópiate working capital policy. Their most recent balance sheet is as follows: Balance Sheet, December 31, 20X5 (in thousands) Assets Liabilities and Owner's Equity Cash $ 30 Accounts payable $35 Accounts Receivable

Paid in Capital from Treasury Stock for Davidson Co

Please help with the following problem. Davidson Co. was organized on January 2, 2007, with 500,000 authorized shares of $10 par value common stock. During 2007, Davidson had the following capital transactions: January 5 - issued 375,000 shares at $14 per share. July 27 - purchased 25,000 shares at $11 pr share

Working capital policies (good and poor)

Provide at least two examples of organizations that have good working capital management policies, and two examples of organizations with poor working capital management policies. Please explain why the policies of your selected organizations are effective or ineffective. I chose these four companies, Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett-P

Capital Projects Fund in Salt Lake City

The voters of Salt Lake City authorized the construction of a new north-south expressway for a total cost of no more that $75 million. The voters also approved the issuance of $50 million of 5% general obligation bonds. The balance of the necessary funds will come from the following sources: $15 million from a federal grant a

Holden Bicycles: Capital surplus

14. Holden Bicycles has 1,000 shares outstanding each with a par value of $0.10 each. If they are sold to shareholders at $10 each, what would the capital surplus be? A. $100 B. $900 C. $9,900 D. $10,000 E. $11,000

Calculations Relating to Discount Loan

On March 15, 2008, the energy company obtained a 9 month working capital loan from the bank. The face amount of the note signed by the treasurer was $300,000. The interest rate charged by the bank was 10%. The bank made the loan on a discount basis. (1.) What's the amount of loan proceeds made available to the energy company?

Renfro Corporation: amount of paid-in capital from treasury stock transactions.

Renfro Corporation started business in 1999 by issuing 200,000 shares of $20 par common stock for $36 each. In 2004, 20,000 of these shares were purchased for $52 per share by Renfro Corporation and held as treasury stock. On June 15, 2008, these 20,000 shares were exchanged for a piece of property that had an assessed value of

Efficiency of a pump: cost of a new impeller...

Can you help me get started with this assignment? As a result of design changes, a pump which is rated at 100 KW with an overall efficiency of 80% is now too large for the service. If you continue to run this pump, the overall efficiency will only be 75%. To restore the efficiency to 80% you can buy a new impeller for $

Working Capital Strategies paper

I have been up all night trying to work on this and I am frustrated as I need this completed ASAP. I have to write a paper on Apple Inc. After reviewing Apple's most recent 2-3 years financial reports (balance sheet,statements of cash flow, managements comments, and footnotes to the financial statements), and assuming next year

Memo: Capital Gain Transactions

Mr. Adams is asking if he will be required to pay capital gains taxes. Attached is a copy of his information regarding his family and his income. Prepare a memo to Mr. Adams explaining what capital gains and losses are, what the requirements are for reporting capital gains and losses, and detailing whether or not he will be requ

Blattner Manufacturing: Alternative Capital Structures

Blattner industries, an established producer of printing equipment, expects its sales to remain flat for the next 3 to 5 years because of both a weak economic outlook and an expectation of little new printing technology development over that period. On the basis of this scenario, the firm's management has been instructed by its

Nebraska Public Administration

1: What are capital projects in public administration planning? What is the process in Nebraska for planning and funding public capital projects? Emphasize all possible legislative funding options for these projects. 2: Describe how a state government handles revenue/funding shortfalls after the annual budget is set, after th

39. Raatz Corporation: what is working capital?

Question 39: Raatz Corporation's total current assets are $570,000, its noncurrent assets are $665,000, its total current liabilities are $250,000, its long-term liabilities are $355,000, and its stockholders' equity is $630,000. Working capital is: $310,000 $570,000 $630,000 $320,000

MBA 550: Working Capital Policy Paper (Lawrence Sports)

This solution includes tips, suggestions and information regarding the Lawrence Sports Working Capital Policy Paper, usually completed in MBA 550 (Resource Optimization). It includes help with the following sections: - Working capital policy - Ethical Implications - and more... Includes references!!

Multiple Choice Questions on Working Capital: operating cycle, cash cycle, credit terms, accounts receivable period, accounts payable period, short-term financial policy, accounts receivable turnover, days in receivables, disbursements, net cash flow

Question 1 1. Which of the following statements is true? b. Cash is decreased when new debt is issued to purchase holiday merchandise. a. Accepting the credit offered by a supplier is a source of cash. c. Increasing the use of trade credit offered by a supplier is a use of cash. d. Collecting an

Cost of Capital and Opportunity Cost

Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. Provide step by step calculations in the answer. 1. Why would the cost of capital be considered an opportunity cost? 2. Why is the cost of capital measured on an after-tax basis? Would this affect any specific cost components?

Cost of capital/financial decision

I would like to create a cash flow statement for my MBA degree to determine if I am making the right decision. I would like to calculate the following things: Projected cost of interest for loan Cost of capital Net present Value Internal Rate of Return Payback Discounted Payback Profitability Index Please show me ho

Discussing the Cost of Capital

Please give a brief explanation: a. What are the main elements in calculating the cost of capital? b. How would an increase in debt affect the cost of capital? c. How would you identify the optimal cost of capital for a organization?

Capital Structures and Break Even Point

16-6 Why do public utility companies usually have capital structures that are different from those of retail firms? 16-1 Company XYZ has fixed operating costs of $500,000 and variable costs of $50 per unit. If it sells the product for $75 per unit, what is the break-even quantity? (must show work) 17-1 What term refers

Working Capital and Current Assets

DP Dolls' inventory has an average age of 80 days and its customers pay off their accounts receivable in 40 days. The company pays its suppliers after 30 days. Given these conditions, what is the length of the company's Cash Conversion Cycle? They are using the EOQ model to determine the optimum amount of toys to order. Eve

Alabama Company: inventory, current assets, change in cash, debentures

1. Alabama Company's beginning and ending inventory amounts were $80,000 and $120,000, respectively. Cost of goods sold was $520,000. Alabama Company purchased ________ of inventory. a)$560,000 b)$520,000 c)$480,000 d)$600,000 2. Current assets are converted to costs or sold or consumed within:

Current Assets and Internal Controls

1- What is a current asset? What is a non-current asset? What is the difference between the two types of assets? In which financial statement would you find these assets? 2- What are internal controls? Why do companies need them? What are some examples of internal controls? Who is responsible for developing internal controls

Important information about current and non-current assets

Prepare a paper in which you compare and contrast current and non-current assets. In your paper be sure that you address the following: 1) What are current assets? 2) What are non-current assets? 3) What differs between current and non-current assets? 4) What is the order of liquidity? 5) How does the order of liquidity a