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    The Adjusting Process

    Welch Rental Agency: Prepare Adjusting Entries

    The ledger of Welch Rental Agency Inc. on March 31 of the current year includes the following selected accounts before adjusting entries have been prepared. Debit Credit Prepaid Insurance $ 3,600 Supplies

    Wooster Company adjusting entries: interest, revenue, salaries

    The bookkeeper for Wooster Company asks you to prepare the following accrued adjusting entries at December 31. 1. Interest on notes payable of $400 is accrued. 2. Services provided but not recorded total $1,250. 3. Salaries earned by employees of $900 have not been recorded. Use the following account titles: Service Reve

    Easton Company: adjusting entry for depreciation, post T accounts, presentation

    At the end of its first year, the trial balance of Easton Company shows Equipment $30,000 and zero balances in Accumulated Depreciation-Equipment and Depreciation Expense. Depreciation for the year is estimated to be $6,000. Prepare the adjusting entry for depreciation at December 31, post the adjustments to T accounts, and indi

    Hay and Barnabas: Adjusting entries and classification of accounts

    Selected amounts at December 31, 2003 from the Hay and Barnabas Company's information system appear as follows: Cash paid employees for salaries and wages $ 300,000 Cash collected from sales customers 1,850,000 Bonds payable 500,000 Cash 150,000 Common stock 60,000

    Worksheet and adjusting entries: Munoz Co, Roth Salon, Undercover Roofing

    Chapter 4: E4-1 Page 173 The adjustments columns of the work sheet for Munoz Company are shown below. Prepare adjusting entries from a work sheet and extend balance to work sheet columns. (SO 1) SEE ATTACHMENT PAGE 141 Adjustments Account Titles Debit Credit Accounts Receivable 600 Prepaid Insurance 400 Accumu

    Adjusting entry for uncollectible accounts

    At the end of Year 2, the unadjusted trial balance of Alaska Company includes $1,500,000 of outstanding accounts receivable and an Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts of $14,600. Total sales for the year are $22,200,000 and 85% of the sales were on account. The company estimates that 1.8% of credit sales are uncollectible and n

    Servo Corporation: journal entries and adjusting entries

    Servo Corporation's balance sheet at December 31,2006, is presented below. Servo Corporation Balance Sheet Decemeber 31, 2006 Cash $24,600 Accounts Reveivable $25,600 Accounts Revievable 45,500 Common Stock($10 par) 80,000 Allowance for doubtful accounts (1500) Retained Earnings 127,400 Supplies

    Assignments from Text: Accounting

    Please answer the attached questions. Please answer the following questions in detailed responses. Assignments from the Text Fundamentals of Financial Accounting #3 Define accrual accounting and contrast it with cash basis accounting. #4 What four conditions must normally be met for revenue to be recognized under accr

    Adjusting Entries and Account Classification

    I am trying to get a better understanding of this before I get to the end of the class and need help with this problem. see attached document. Adjusting entries and account classification. Selected amounts from Trent Company's trial balance of 12/31/05 appear below: 1. Accounts Payable

    Journal Entries, Adjusting Entries and Note Balance

    The following are selected 2007 transactions of Sean Astin Corporation. Sept 1 Purchased inventory from Encino Company on account for $50,000. Astin records purchases gross and uses a periodic inventory system. Oct 1 Issued a $50,000, 12-month. 8% note to Encion in payment of account. Oct. 1 Borrowed $50,000 from th

    Beacon Co: prepare adjusting entries for 2004 to report interest and discounts

    1. May 10, the company purchased goods from J co. for $90,000 terms 2/10 n/30. Purchases and AP are recorded at net amounts. Invoice paid May 18. 2. June 1, the company purchased equipment for $120,000 from Nolan co. paying $40,000 in cash and giving a one year, 9% note for balance. 3. September 30, the company discou

    Journalize adjusting Entries: Garg Employment & Undercover Roofing

    A. On December 31, the adjusted trial balance of Garg Employment Agency shows the following selected data. Accounts $24,000 Commission $92,000 Receivable Revenue Interest 7,800 Interest Payable 1,500 Expense Analysis shows that adjusting entries made to (1) accrue $4,200 of commission revenue and (2) acc

    Adjusting Entries

    1. Why are revenue and expense accounts called temporary or nominal accounts? please explain. 2. Under a perpetual system, what is the purpose of the cost of goods sold account? 3. What are adjusting entries and why are they necessary?

    Adjusting entries for Gleason, Easton, Orlow, Pizner, Wooster

    Prepare written answers to the following assignments Brief Exercise BE3-3 Prepare adjusting entry for supplies: Gleason Advertising Company's trial balance at December 31 shows Advertising supplies $6700 and Advertising Supplies Expense $0. On December 31, there is $1700 of supplies on hand. Prepare the adjusting entry a

    Adjusting Entries for Welch Rental Agency

    See attached. Prepare adjusting entries for selected account data. The ledger of Welch Rental Agency Inc. on March 31 of the current year includes the following selected accounts before adjusting entries have been prepaid. Debit Credit Prepaid Insurance $3600 Supplies 2800 Equipment 25,000 Accu

    Adjusting Entries

    Please see the attached files. The second file contains all 3 problems. Problem 2-35 (page 80-81) Adjusting Entries On December 31, Wright Company noted the following transactions that occurred during 2008, some or all of which might require adjustment to the books. (a) Payment of $3,100 to suppliers was made for pur

    Jane Alexander Theater - Adjusting Entries

    The accounts listed below appeared in the December 31 trial balance of the Jane Alexander Theater. Equipment DR $192,000 Accumulated Depreciation - Equipment CR $60,000 Notes Payable CR $90,000 Admissions Revenue CR $380,000 Advertising Expense DR $13,680 Salaries Expense DR $57,600 Interest Expense DR $1,400 Instruc

    Bank Reconciliation and Adjusting Entries

    Please see attached. Angela Lansbury Company deposits all receipts and makes all payments by check. The following information is available from the cash records. June 30 Bank Reconciliation Balance per bank $7000 Add: Deposit in transit 1540 Deduct: Outstanding Checks (2,000) Balance per books $6,540 Month o

    Journal Entries

    At the beginning of the current season on April 1, the ledger of Fairway Pro Shop showed Cash $2,500; Merchandise Inventory $3,500; and Common Stock $6,000. The following transactions were completed during April 2007 Apr. 5 Purchased golf bags, clubs, and balls on account from Kokott Co. $1,800 terms 3/10

    Financial Accounting question

    The Ritz Manor is a popular seaside resort. A double room costs $220 for one night. In order to reserve a room, guests must pay one night's stay in advance. On each floor of the hotel, Vendalite Company operates vending machines with energy bars, juices, and other snacks for guests. Vendalite stocks the machines and collects rev

    Unadjusted Trial Balance, General Journal

    Attached is the work in Excel. The Duquesne Theater adjusts its accounts every month. Below is the company's unadjusted trial balance dated August 31, 2005. Additional information is provided for use in preparing the company's adjusting entries for the month of August. (Bear in mind that adjusting entries have already

    Bank Reconciliation and Adjusting Entries

    See the attached Excel. Given info: The bank portion of the bank reconciliation for Money Money Company at October 31, 2006 was as follows. Money Money Company Bank Reconciliation October 31,2006 Cash balance per bank $12,444.70 Add: Deposits in transit 1,530.20

    How to calculate adjusting entries for adjusted trial balance

    The following information is available for BlueStar Company for the month ending December 31, 2006: 1. Supplies used during the month totaled $1,596. 2. BlueStar paid the annual premium of $6,000 on their insurance on December 1. 3. BlueStar performed services valued at $14,000 during

    Preparing Adjusted Entries and Financial Statements

    With the two trial balances presented in the Excel spreadsheet attached, make the required adjusting entries to reflect the changes from the first trial balance to the second trial balance (see attachment). Using the adjusted trial balance, prepare a worksheet, income statement, balance sheet and statement of retained earning

    Why are adjusting entries necessary?

    1. Why are adjusting entries necessary? 2. The analysis process for preparing adjusting entries involves two basic steps. Identify the two steps and explain why both are necessary. 3. What is the purpose of closing entries? 4. What is the purpose of the post-closing trial balance? Explain where the information f