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Lessee Entries with Residual Value

The following facts pertain to a non-cancelable lease agreement between Voris Leasing Company and Zarle Company, a lessee. Inception date January 1, 2007 Annual lease payment due at the beginning of Each year, beginning with January 1, 2007

Lease Accounting Restatements & Lessee Financial Statements/Footnotes:

B) Lessee Financial Statements/Footnotes: Examine the most recent financial statements (10K) of a company with significant leasing operations as a lessee. Briefly summarize anything you thought was interesting in your review. As one option, many retailers undergo significant leasing operations as lessees as do airline compani

Multiple Choice Questions: Lease vs Buy, Present Value, Rate of Return, Annuity

1) A company has an option to purchase equipment or $24,000 but can lease the identical equipment for $5,000 per month for the next 6 years. Its WACC is 7.656% and the equipment has a salvage value if $1000 an the end of 6 years. Which option should the company take? ? Lease ? Buy ? Indifference ? Not enough information to


I am doing a paper on the financial aspect of leasing vs buying on a budget, can you give me some ideas to start my paper?

Real estate buy versus lease

Below is a real estate exercise that calls for a comparison between buying and leasing a property. I am not a real estate major and I do not understand what I am supposed to do with that $100,000 stated in the beginning. I am looking for help in devising a way that the cash flows can be compared. I have never worked with a lease

Capitalizing Leases and Related Assets

One alleged advantage of leasing voiced in the past is that it kept liabilities off the balance sheets, thus making it possible for a firm to obtain more leverage than it otherwise could have. This raised question of whether or not both the lease obligation and the asset involved should be capitalized and shown on the balance s

Operating and Financial Leases

1. Distinguish between operating leases and financial leases. Would you be more likely to find an operating lease employed for a fleet of trucks or for a manufacturing plant? Would you be more likely to find that lessees are high or low income tax brackets as compared with lessors?

Optimal cost structure, operating leverage, business risk

1. Schweser Satellites Inc. produces satellite earth stations that sell for $100,000 each. The firm's fixed costs, F, are $2 million; 50 earth stations are produced and sold each year; profits total $500,000; and the firm's assets (all equity financed) are $5 million. The firm estimates that it can change its production proces

The solution to Advanced Accounting - Balance Sheet Reporting

Crumple Car Rentals is planning to expand into the western part of the United States and needs to acquire approximately 400 additional automobiles for rental purposes. Because Crumple's cash reserves were substantially depleted in replacing the bumpers on existing automobiles with new "fashion plate" bumpers, the expansion fund


The store has no accounts receivable (it accepts only cash or bank cards for payments). At year end, an employee earned $200, which the store had not yet paid. Also, at year-end, the store had not yet paid it most recent utilities bills, which totaled $150. Receipts Cash sales

Calculate the issue price of bonds and prepare adjusting entries.

1. BE14-1 Ghostbusters Corporation issues $300,000 of 9% bonds, due in 10 years, with interest payable semiannually. At the time of issue, the market rate for such bonds is 10%. Compute the issue price of the bonds. Don't need to do this one - (BE14-2 The Goofy Company issued $200,000 of 10% bonds on January 1, 2008. The bon

Leases and pension

9. Presented below is pension information for Welch Company for the year 2008: Actual return on plan assets $24,000 Interest on vested benefits 15,000 Service cost 30,000 Interest on projected benefit obligation 21,000 Amortization of prior service cost due to increase in benefits 18,000 The amount of pension expense t

Financial Accounting

1. According to GAAP (the generally accepted accounting principles), some leases must be recorded as a purchase. What is the basis for this treatment? a. a lease of this type effectively conveys the same benefits and risks to the lessee as it would an owner of the property b. the lease must be recorded in accordance with the

Lease vs. purchase decision

Edison Electronics is considering whether to borrow funds and purchase an asset or to lease the asset under an operating lease arrangement. If it purchases the asset, the cost will be $8,000. It can borrow funds for four years at 12 percent interest. The firm will use the three-year MACRS depreciation category (with the associat

Decision making / Cost Benefit Analysis

I need to discuss the alternatives and options, my plan chosen and research done (i.e. cost of computers if I chose to buy them for years of training to come because we will always do training). I also need to provide rationale for why I would choose one option over another. Can you help me please? Thank you! Trainin

Accounting: Costs, Cash, Income

0. Managers determine product prices by adding to a cost amount a plus, called a 1. The amount of increase or decrease in revenue expected from a course of action as compared with an alternative is called 2. Costs that have been incurred in the past and are not relevant to a decision are known as 3. Raymond Tile Co. is

Optimizing the Input Mix

Agronomists at Roma's banana Experimental Research Station, in preparation for the global commercialization of this fruit are seeking to implement the most cost-effective method of harvesting bananas, one that would result in "LONG-RUN" cost minimization. They are contemplating the 2 alternatives described below: PERFORM CA

Bob and Jane Case Study

2) Bob and Jane decide to open their own business selling ergonomically correct office furniture that Jane has designed. Assume they operate this business from leased office space near their home. Also assume that they lease their computer equipment and data base software. The actual production of the furniture is subcontracted

Should Super Sonics buy or lease?

Please help with the following problem. Super Sonics Entertainment is considering borrowing money at 11 percent and purchasing a machine that costs $350,000. The machine will be depreciated over five years by the straightline method and will be worthless in five years. Super Sonics can lease the machine with the year-end pay

Leasing and Borrowing Analysis

Discuss the validity of each of the following statements. 1. Leasing reduces risk and can reduce a firm's cost of capital. 2. Leasing provides 100-percent financing. 3. Firms that do a large amount of leasing will not do much borrowing. 4. If the tax advantages of leasing were eliminated, leasing would disappear.

Capital Leases as in Substance Purchases of Assets.

NEED SOLUTION FOR THESE CASES Case 13-11 Capital Leases as in Substance Purchases of Assets. Required: Explain how a capital lease is in substance a purchase of an asset. Tie your explanation to the Conceptual Framework's definitions of assets and liabilities. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT for the other two cases, 12-4 and 13

Decision Making under Uncertainty

A company owns a lease granting it the right to explore for oil on certain property. It may sell the lease for $75,000, or it may drill the oil. The four possible drilling outcomes are listed below, together with probabilities of occurrence and dollar consequences: Possible Outcome Prob. Consequences ($ thou

Accounting for Leases

Python Company leased equipment from Hope Leasing on January 1, 2006. Hope purchased the equipment at a cost of $222,666. Other information: Lease term 3 years Annual payments $80,000 on January 1 each year starting in 2006 Life of asset 3 years Fair value of asset $222,666 Implicit interest rate 8% Incremental rate 8%

Audit for Leases

13-39 (Audit for Leases) The Rousch Racing Company is in the business of building NASCAR race cars. They also have an engineering department that builds components for other racing teams, as well as for specialty cars built for major manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company. Rousch has three lease related accounts on their books

Ford Company: Similarities and differences of these 3 areas within the company

Explain the similarities and differences of these 3 areas within the Ford Motor Company. Development and Property Management As the company's commercial development arm, we work on high-rise office buildings, research and development buildings, hotels and more. We take these projects from concept through construction and i

Lease payments

20. The Lollar Corporation plans to lease an $800,000 asset to the Pierce Corporation. The lease will be for 12 years. a. If the Lollar Corporation desires a 10 percent return on its investment, how much should the lease payments be? b. If the Lollar Corporation is able to generate $120,000 in immediate tax shield benefits fro

Classification and Reliability of Audit Evidence

7-36 (Classification and Reliability of Audit Evidence) Following are examples of documentation typically obtained by auditors. For each example: a. Classify the documentation as internal or external evidence. b. Classify the documentation as to its relative reliability (high, moderate, or low). c. Identify an account


Would you recommend a capital lease for your particular organization or a specific organization with which you're familiar? Why or why not? There are three main sources of capital available to organizations - venture capital, investment banks, and private placements. If you were the CFO for a private sector company,