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Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts

Textbook Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concepts 3rd Edition 1. Mindy Norton Company reported the following information for 2004: Sales $500,000 Average Operating Assets $300,000 Desired ROI 10% Net Income $ 45,000 Based on this information, calculate the company's residual income

Calculate each plan's NPV and IRR

) Threadnot, Inc.'s President wants to see the NPV and IRR of each of the above plans. The appropriate discount rate is 20%. Calculate each plan's NPV and IRR. Year 0 1 2 3 Plan a $-8000 $8,000 $700 $700 plan b $-8000 $900 $900 $10000

Question about IRR and NPV

A company is analyzing two mutually exclusive projects, S and L, with the following cash flows: 0 1 2 3 4 | | | | | S -$1,000 $900 $250 $10 $10 L -$1,000 $0 $250 $400 $800 The company's WACC is 10%. What is the IRR of the better project? I'm not sure that the better

Internal Rate of Return/Coefficient of Variation

(This problem is attached for clarity). 1. Oliver Stone and Rock Company uses a process of capital rationing in its decision making. The firm's cost of capital is 12 percent. It will invest only $80,000 this year. It has determined the internal rate of return for each of the following projects.

Discounted Cash Flows: Background Data

Background Data and Information You are the CFO of Delta International, a manufacturer of ski bindings. You are planning your capital budget for next fiscal year and have gathered the following information: Your investment banker indicates that if Delta issues four million dollars in bonds the expected yield will be 7 pe

What is the Project's IRR

Woodgate Inc. is considering a project with the following after-tax operating cash flows (in millions of dollars): Project Year Cash Flow 0 -$300 1 125 2 75 3 200 4 100 The project has a WACC of 10%. What is the project's IRR?

Calculate the IRR of Two Projects

Two projects being considered by a firm are mutually exclusive and have the following projected cash flows: Project A Project B Year Cash Flow Cash Flow 0 ($100,000) ($100,000) 1 39,500

NPV problems

How do I use EXCEl to calculate the NPV and IRR of the following scenario: - Cost (Year o): $10,000. - Year 1 Return: 3,000 - Year 2 Return: 3000 - Year 3 Return: 5,000 Discount Rate:10%

NPV & IRR Cash Flow Analysis for Mesa Products Inc.........

1. Mesa Products Inc. requires a new machine to produce a part for a solar air conditioner. Two companies have submitted bids, and you have been assigned the task of choosing one of the machines. Cash flow analysis indicates the following: Year Machine A Machine B 0 -1,000 -1,000 1 0 417 2 0

Net Present Value, Modified Internal Rate of Return and Regular Payback

Pure Life (a juice company) owns a building, which is fully depreciated. Equipment Cost: $200,000. plus an additional $40,000. for shipping and installation Inventories would rise by $25,000. and accounts payable would go up by $5,000. All of these costs would be incurred at t =0. The machinery could be depreciated und

What is the IRR of this project?

Suppose a project costs $300 and produces cash flow of $100 over each of the following six years. What is the IRR of this project?

Cash flows

As the director of capital budgeting for Denver Corporation, you are evaluating two mutually exclusive projects with the following net cash flows:. Year Project X cash flow Project Z cash flow 0 -$100,000 -$100,000 1 50,000 10,000 2

Inflation, Internal Rate of Return ( IRR ) and Net-Present Value ( NPV )

An investor is considering two projects, A and B. Project A involves the purchase of a five year interest on a property for £600,000. He will then receive rent income from the property fixed for the five year period at the rate of £150,000 per annum, payable annually in advance. Management and maintenance costs are fixed a

Unifying Concepts: Payback & Internal Rate of Return

The management of Kitchen Shop is thinking of buying a new drill press to aid in adapting parts for different machines. The press is expected to save Kitchen Shop $8,000 per year in costs. However, Kitchen Shop has an old punch machine that isn't worth anything on the market and that will probably last indefinitely. The new pres

Problem set-Multiple Choice Questions on Capital Budgeting

2. The term mutually exclusive investments mean: a. Choose only the best investments. b. Selection of one investment precludes the selection of an alternative. c. The elite investment opportunities will get chosen. d. There are no investment options available. ABC Company is considering two investments both of which cost

Captial Budgeting Case

This is an application of capital budgeting that integrates the projection of a basic cash flow and the computation and analysis of six capital budgeting tools. Your company is thinking about acquiring another corporation. You have two choices; the cost of each choice is $250,000. You cannot spend more than that, so acquiring

Cost of capital

2. The flotation costs of issuing new securities A.decrease the cost of capital. B.encourage the retention of earnings. C.encourage external financing. D.don't affect the cost of capital. 4.Which of the following statements about the cost of debt is correct? A.The cost of debt is less than the cost o


Is Economics Value added (EVA) an improvement over Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Equity (ROE), or Earnings per Share (EPS)?

The IRR of a proposed project

A company is considering the purchase of a new machine to replace an existing one. The old one was purchased 5 years ago at a cost of 20K and is being depreciated on a straight line basis to a zero salvage value over 10 year life. The current market value of the old machine is 14K. The new machine falls into the MACRS 5 year


An investment of $50,000 resulted in uniform income of $10,000 per year for 10 years and a single amount of $5,000 in year 5. The rate of return on the investment was closest to? A. 10.6% PER YEAR B. 14.2% PER YEAR C. 16.4% PER YEAR D. 18.6% PER YEAR

Capital Budgeting

You are evaluating two mutually exclusive capital budgeting projects that have the following characteristics: CASH FLOWS YEAR PROJECT A PROJECT B 0 ($4,000) ($4,000) 1 0

Various questions in financial management

Please review and let me know what I've done wrong. I really need help with question 19. (See attached file for full problem description) 14 Your grandfather placed $2,000 in a trust fund for you. In 10 years the fund will be worth $5,000. What is the interest rate on the trust fund? 15 Calculate the

LT Problem: Multiple IRRs

Multiple IRRs. This problem is useful for testing the ability of financial calculators and computer software. Consider the following cash flows. When should we take this project (hint: search for IRRs between 20 percent and 70 percent)? Year Cash Flow 0 -$252 1

Strident Marks: Valuation concepts for business opportunities

Consider the role of the finance department at Strident Marks. The finance department has a couple of new hires, and the CFO has asked that you spend a short amount of time with them, catching them up on some areas that are very important to the company at this time. These also happen to be areas for which Strident Marks does no