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Income Statement

Comparative Income Statement Preparation - Rulon Candies

Listed below are the results of Rulon Candies' operations for 2005 and 2006. (Assume 4,000 shares of outstanding stock for both years.) 2006 2005 Sales $300,000 $350,000 Utilities expenses 15,000 8,500 Employee salaries 115,000 110,000 Advert

Income statement - The trial balance as at 31 March 2007

The trial balance as at 31 March 2007 (1) Office equipment, at cost 2,750,000 (DR) Motor vehicles, at cost 937,500 (DR) Land, at valuation 2,487,500 (DR) Accumulated depreciation at 1 April 2006 Office equipment 2,016,800 (CR) Motor vehicles 126,572 (CR) Additional information relates to the above: Depreciation is t

Nantucket Inn

A contribution income statement for the Nantucket Inn is shown below. (Ignore income taxes). Revenue.............................................$500,000 Less: Variable expenses............................300,000 Contribution margin................................$200,000 Less: Fixed expenses..............................

Income Statement - for inventory and sales

My next question is on Sales. I need to list the Total Sales (as revenue) at the beginning of my Income Statement. Will that include the following? Sales Cash (from start up in November 2005 Balance sheet) $10,172 accounts receivable $870 minus ending cash (what shows up as cash on hand in March 20

Income Statement - Accrual Basis

I do not understand the role of the income statement on an accrual basis. If you are given a balance sheet from November 2005 (which is the company start up), and one from March 2006 (when the company is no longer open), how do you calculate the income statement. Do you use the information given from the November 2005 as the beg

Product Income Statement

Vulcan Swimsuit Company is considering dropping its line of women's beach robes. A recent product income statement for the robe line follows: Revenue $950,760 Cost of goods sold 861,840 Gross margin 88,920 Selling and administrative expenses 136,800 Net loss $(47,880) Factory overhead accounts for 35

Correcting Errors and Interpreting an Income Statement

Please see attached documents for the problems. The second image contains the questions regarding the information on the first image. The second problem is pictured entirely on the second image. The second document contains the questions that relate to the information on the first document. The second document also contains a

Contribution Margin and Functional Income Statements

Problem 16-6 Contribution Margin and Functional Income Statements The following information is available for Dabney Company for 2006: Sales revenue (at $20 per unit) $151,200 Fixed manufacturing costs 24,000 Variable manufacturing costs (at $8 per unit) 60,480 Fixed selling expenses 70,000 Variable selling expenses (at $2

Preparing an Income Statement: Olympic Corp. Example

The income statement of Olympic Corp. for the month of July shows net income of $1,400 based on Service Revenue $5,500,Wages Expense $2,300, Supplies Expense $1,200, and Utilities Expense $600. In reviewing the statement, you discover the following. 1. Insurance expired during July of $400 was omitted. 2. Supplies expense

Income Statement

Burrel Manufacturing Company established the following standard price and cost data Sales price 7.50 per unit Variable Manufacturing cost 3.00 per unit fixed manufacturing cost 3,000 total fixed selling and administrative cost 1,2

Prepare an Income Statement and Statement of Retained Earnings

Prepare an income statement and a statement of retained earnings for Big Sky Corporation forthe year ended June 30, 2006, based on the following information: Capital stock (1,500 shares @ $100) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $150,000 Retained earnings, July 1, 2005 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Condensed Divisional Income Statement for Willis Inc.

1. Some items are omitted from each of the following condensed divisional income statements of Willis Inc. Division L Division M Division N Sales $ (1) $320,000 $580,000 Cost of goods sold 480,000 120,000 $ (5) Gross profit $220,000 $ (3) $180,000 Operating expenses 95,000 160,000 $ (6) Income from op

Amount of Interest Revenue to Be Included in Income Statement

On January 1, 2004, Ty exchanged equipment for a $600,000 zero-interest-bearing note due January 1, 2007. The prevailing rate of interest for a note of this type at January 1, 2004 was 10%. (PV of $1 at 10% for 3 periods is 0.75). What amount of interest revenue should be included in Ty's 2005 income statement?

Creation of an Income Statement

I am having trouble preparing this income statement can you please sow me how to do it and explain why it is done this way? Problem 2-5 Income Statement Preparation The following information is taken from the records of Hill, Dunn, & Associates for the year ended December 31, 2006. P.A.S.S. Power Accounting System Softwar

Accounting for an Income Statement

O'Shea Enterprises started the 2002 accounting period with $30,000 of assets (all cash), $18,000 of liabilities, and $4,000 of common stock. During the year, O'Shea earned cash revenues of $48,000, paid cash expenses of $32,000, and paid a cash dividend to stockholders of $2,000. O'Shea also acquired $10,000 of additional cash f

Irregular Items on Income Statement

I'm trying to do an income statement with a lot of irregular items as transactions. I know where to some of them on the income statement but am having trouble figuring some out. Info. income from continuing operations before taxes is $790,000, in 2007 1st : Uninsured flood loss in the amount of $80,000 (this is an ext

Projected Income Statement for the year 2005 for BETSEN BOUTIQUE

You are given the following table of data for your client, Betsen Boutique. Set up a simple Income Statement, including common size columns. Next, use the Percent of Sales method to forecast results for 2005. Sales are projected to be $165,000 in 2005. (Note, not all info below is required for

Income Statements: Missing Numbers

In the following four tables, there appear income statements missing three numbers each. Determine these missing numbers (found in question marks "?"), show equations used and assume taxes are apart of "period expenses". Number 1: Sales - 2250 Cost of Goods Sold: Beginning Inventory: 300 Plus: Purchases: 975

Accounting Problem

A.G. Bell Communications Company has three regional divisions organized as profit centers. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) evaluates divisional performance, using income from operations as a percent of revenues. The following quarterly income and expense accounts were provided from the trial balance as of December 31, 20

Financial Statements: Income Statement

Problem 1 The income statement in which the total of all expenses is deducted from the total of all revenues is termed: A. Multiple-step form B. Single-step form C. Account form D. Report form Problem 2 On a multiple-step income statement, the excess of net sales over the cost of merchandise sold is called: A. Ope

Accounting horizontal and vertical income statements

COOKIE & COFFEE CREATIONS INC. Balance Sheet October 31 Assets 2008 2007 Cash $ 34,324 $13,050 Accounts receivable 3,250 2,710 Inventory 7,897 7,450 Prepaid expenses 6,300 6,050 Equipment 96,500 75,500 Accumulated depreciation (25,200) (9,100) Total assets $123,071 $95,660 Liabilities and Stockholders' Equity Accou

Derive missing amounts in income statements

Compute missing amounts in determining net income. Presented below are the components in Clearwater Company's income statement. Determine the missing amounts. Sales Cost of Goods Sold Gross Profit Operating Expenses Net Income $75,000 ? $28,600 ? $10,800

Explanation of Absorption and Variable Costing Income Statement

Include in your answer these steps: 1-Calculate the absorption rate for the fixed costs. Note: This must be done before calculating the variable costing income statement. 2-Calculate the total absorption of fixed and variable costs. 3-Discuss how production affected the absorption of fixed costs for each year. 4-Di