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The Financial Statements

Reading Financial Statements for Berkshire

Looking for some general guidelines or direction as to how to determine the following: With regards to Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.(, to identify the firm's most recent long-term financing decision (e.g., debt, IPO, seasoned equity offering, secondary offering) and analyze the economic, business, and com

Analyzing Financial Statements Reports

3 multiple choice questions on vertical & horizontal analysis. Multiple Choice: 1. When vertical analysis is performed: a. Ratios are used to detect fraud. b. Changes in significant balance totals are examined. c. Financial statement balances are converted to percentages d. Total revenues are compared to total ex

Financial management

The Merriam Company has determined that its return on equity is 15 percent. Management is interested in the various components that went into this calculation. You are given the following information: total debt/total assets = 0.35 and total assets turnover = 2.8. What is the profit margin?


7. NewBank started its first day of operations with $6 million in capitol. $100 million in checkable deposits received. The bank issues a $25 million commercial loan and another $25 million in mortgages, with the following terms: Mortgages: 100 standard 30-year fixed-rate mortgages with a nominal annual rate of 5.25% each for

Balance Sheet LT Ch5, Problem 3

(Balance Sheet Adjustment and Preparation) The adjusted trial balance of Side Kicks Company and other related information for the year 2004 is presented below. Chapter 5 SIDE KICKS COMPANY ADJUSTED TRIAL BALANCE

GAAP and Financial Statement Preparation

R&R Equipment Company is preparing its annual financial statements in anticipation of applying for a loan. During the last week of the year, R&R received a shipment of inventory but has not paid for it. The invoice indicates that R&R owes $5,000 for the purchase. The owner of R&R, Randy Ray, has decided to omit this asset and th

Analyzing Financial statements

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, sells, and supports a wide range of software products, including operating systems for personal computers (PGs) and servers; server applications for client/server environments; business and consumer productivity applications; sof

Analyzing Financial statements

Need help on the follow problems in the attached file. --- What is the return on assets ratio for 2006? What is the current ratio for 2006? What are the accounts receivable turn over for 2006? What is the inventory turnover for 2006 (how many times?) What is the long-term debt to assets for 2006? ---

MBA Financial Statement Analysis

I need to find the following information for Cissco and their competitors and do the questions below: Net operating profit (NOPAT) margin and net operating asset (NOA) turnover for several selected companies for 2005 follow: Company NOA Turnover NOPAT Margin Albertsons, Inc 3.59

American Airlines

I am looking for American airlines current ratio. Return on sales Eeturn on sales Earming per share Debt Ratio price earnings ratio and state the company solvency, liquidity and profitability

Need help with Financial Statement analysis

Attached is Cisco 10k for FY05 Q1. P. 71 - What is the potential impact of Warranties on Cisco's FY05 statements - Warranties are a part of their Cost of Sales. I.E. Cisco should have stated gross margins of x higher than expected because they had an allowance of $411m for Warranties and only used $236m? I need some help

Financial Statement

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Joseph Berio is a loan officer with the First Bank of Tennessee. Red Brick, Incorporated, a major producer of masonry products, has applied for a short-term loan. Red Brick supplies building material throughout the southern states, with brick plants located in Tennessee,

WestSmith: Prepare 2004 Year end financial statements

60. Financial Statement Preparation WestSmith Telecomm is a telecommunications company. The following information applies to WestSmith for the fiscal years ended December 31, 2004 (dollars in millions). Accounts receivable 14,400 Accrued liabilities 3,240 Accumulated deprecation 25,920 Administrative expenses

Forest Labs

Forest Lab was referred to at the beginning of the chapter as a firm that had an attractive valuation in the marketplace. Go to its website at, and follow the step below: 1. Click on "Investor Relations," 2. Under financial highlights, compute the percentage change for the following items from the first to t

Balance Sheet

1. Authorized share capital of the company is 100 000 ordinary shares of $ 1 each, of which 75,000 were issued and fully paid at $ 1.15 per share. 2. All fixed assets were bought on 1 June 2002,the date the company was incorporated. Depreciation is applied as follows. (i) Motor vehicles-- 40 % reducing balance. (ii) Equi

INTERPRETING FINANCIAL STATEMENTS/liquidity ratios/profitability ratios

BYP4-10 Manitowoc Company and Caterpillar Corporation are both producers and sellers of large fixed assets. Caterpillar is substantially larger than Manitowoc. Financial information taken from each company's financial statements is provided below. Instructions (a) Calculate the following liquidity ratios for the current year

Percent-of-sales method question

Where I am stuck is in using the percent-of-sales method to develop a projected income statement and balance sheet. The company I am using is PepsiCo and I am supposed to develop these statements based on their 2004 statements from their website. Here is a copy of what the instructor is asking: "Develop a set of projected

Pro forma Financial Statements

I need to complete a set of proforma financial statements using the attached mini case study. I also need to answer a few questions about the financial statement. I will attach the case study in adobe. It begins on pg 99 and is about a company Home Safety Inc. the finacial statements need to be done in Microsoft excel. I will al

What is the amount of cash on the balance sheet?

The amount of cash related to a particular bank checking account that is shown on the balance sheet at December 31 is: A. The cash balance shown on the bank's records at the close of business on December 31. B. The cash balance shown in the company's general ledger account for this checking account at the close of busi