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Kraft Foods

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Use the Kraft Foods 2007 Annual Report PDF (link provided in attachment) to find the answers to the questions located in the Examining Financial Statements (Microsoft Word) document. Please provide both numerical answers as well as summarize the answers in written word format.

Examining Financial Statements
Locate the answers to the following questions from the Kraft Foods 2007 annual report (PDF) located at the following webpage: http://kraft.com/assets/pdf/Kraft_07AR_Complete_Book.pdf. Please elaborate on your answers in addition to the numerical answer. Thanks!

a) What are the company's total assets at the end of its most recent reporting period?
b) What are the total assets as the end of the previous reporting period?
c) What are the cash equivalents?
d) How much cash and cash equivalents did the company have at the end of its more recent reporting period?

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a. Total assets at the end of 2007 (the most recent reporting period) were $67,993 million.
In 2007, Kraft had total current assets of $10,737 million. Total property, plants, and equipment (PP&E) net of depreciation for 2007 was $10,778 million. Including these and intangible assets, prepaids, and otherwise non categorized assets, total assets were $67,993 at the end of the year.

b. Total assets at the end of 2006 (the previous reporting ...

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