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The Discounted Cash Flows Model

Stock Market Efficiency, Income from Stocks, Shareholder Rights

See the attached file. Question 1 If the stock market is semi-strong form efficient, should you spend time researching a company, analyzing sales and profit trends, the economy, etc.? Why or why not? Question 2 Which provides more stable income, in general, and why: preferred stock or common stock?

Excel Corporation Stock valuation: Compute value of one share

Excel Corp. has recently witnessed a period of depressed earnings performance. As a result, cash dividend payments have been suspended. Investors do not anticipate a resumption of dividends until two years from today, when a yearly dividend of $0.25 will be paid. That yearly dividend is expected to be increased to $0.75 in the f

Dividend Yeild, Capital Gains, Stock Price, Nominal Dividend

1. The stock of Up-and-Away Inc. is selling for $80 per share, and it is currently paying a quarterly dividend of $0.25 per share. What is the dividend yield on Up-and-Away stock? 2. Sam Sharp purchased 100 shares of Electric Lighting Inc. (ELI) one year ago for $60 per share. He also received cash dividends totaling $5 per s

Accepting a Mutually Exclusive Project

7. You are considering two mutually exclusive projects with the following cash flows. Which project(s) should you accept if the discount rate is 8.5 percent? What if the discount rate is 13 percent? Year Project A Project B 0 -$80,000 $80,000

Strip and Coupon Bonds

Fill in the missing items in the following table, using the Law of One Price. Assume all these bonds have the same risk, the yield curve is flat, and any coupon payments are paid annually. Please see the attached file for full problem description.

Investment criteria

See attached Please show/explain steps so I may follow for other similar problems Thank you

Project Evaluation using WACC for Jake's (Bob Country) Bunker

Jake's Bunker (Bob's Country Bunker), a chain of economically priced motels in the Midwestern United States has reviewed its current target structure of 40% debt and 60% equity. It can issue debt at a rate of 9%. The last dividend paid on its stock was $1.25. The company is doing very well and expects to maintain its current

CAPM, Expected Return, Valuation, Cost of Capital for Project

1. You are a consultant to a firm evaluating an expansion of its current business. The cash-flow forecasts (in millions of dollars) for the project are: Years Cash Flow 0 -100 1 - 10 +15 On the basis of the behavior of the firm's stock, you believe that the beta of the firm is 1.4. Assumi

Calculating Present Value of the Given Mixed Stream

See the attached file. Relationship between future value and present value-Mixed stream Using only the information in the accompanying table, answer the questions that follow. a. Determine the present value of the mixed stream of cash flows using a 5% discount rate. b. How much would you be willing to pay for an oppor

Time Value of Money


Valuation Models & Pricing an Asset or a Business

There are many different valuation models. What are some of them and how are they used to value an asset or business entity? Can you make any suggestions on how to enhance any of the valuation models to make them more accurate?

Managerial Accounting

Choose three publicly held companies on the Internet. Include at least two manufacturing companies (there must be a product). None can be a financial institution such as a bank or an insurance company. Refer to the financial statements and, for each of the last three years, identify Net Income and Cash Flow from Operating Activi

Accounting Questions McCormick & Company 2009 Annual Report

See the attached file. The questions are related to McCormick & Company 2009 annual report. Problem 1 The following questions all relate to McCormick's 2009 Statements of Cash Flow, Balance sheet, and Income Statement. (1) The change in accounts receivable, net of allowance

What does it take to determine the present value of an investment?

What does it take to determine the present value of an investment? How would you project the future cash flows? How do you determine what discount, or interest, rate to use? Think about today's economy. How would you use the current information to determine the value of an investment? Would it be higher or lower than it was a ye

Investment Analysis

Your client is considering the purchase of $100,000 in common stock, which pays no dividends and will appreciate in market value by 10 percent per year. At the same time, the client is considering an opportunity to invest $100,000 in a lease obligation that will provide the annual year-end cash flows listed in the table below.

Jane's personal financial planning using cash flows

Cash flows: It is typical for Jane to plan, monitor and assess her financial position using cash flow over a given period, typically a month. Jane has a savings account and her bank loans money a 6% per year while it offers short term investment rates of 5%. Jane's cash flows during August were as follows: Item Cash inflow C

Benefits of Cash Flow analysis and management; evaluate negative cash flow

Please help explain or simplify the following questions concerning cash flow analysis. If there is a recent trend of negative cash flow, but the company's P&L statement is showing its running a profit, how can this be and how would you evaluate the state of the organization? Explain why comprehending and managing cash flow

Calculate the 1.5 year theoretical spot rates and the six month forward rate.

Calculate the 1.5-year theoretical spot rate if the 6-month spot rate is 1.75 percent and the 1-year spot rate is 1.95 percent. The 1.5-year note has a coupon of 3 percent and is selling for $101.3518. (Quotes are in decimals, not 32nds.) Then based on the data and your calculations, calculate the six-month forward rate 1.0 y

JL Ticker's Store: What is the operating cash flow using the tax shield approach?

A proposed expansion project is expected to increase sales of JL Ticker's Store by $35,000 and increase cash expenses by $21,000. The project will cost $24,000 and be depreciated using straight line depreciation to a zero book value over the 4 yr life of the project. The store has a marginal tax rate of 30%. What is the operati

Determining Rate of Return, After Tax, MACRS Depreciation & ROI

1. Ajax Leasing Services has been approached by Gamma Tools to provide lease financing for a new automated screw machine. The machine will cost $220,000 and will be leased by Gamma for five years. Lease payments will be made at the beginning of each year. Ajax will depreciate the machine on a straight-line basis of $44,000 pe

ROI and Expected Return

1) The Transatlantic Transfer Co. is an all-equity financed firm. The beta is .75, the market risk premium is 8% and the risk-free rate is 4%. What is the expected return of Transatlantic? 2) Tom borrowed $3,500 to consolidate his debts. He was able to borrow at a 12% annual percentage rate (APR) with monthly compounding. To

High - Growth or Stable growth firm

See attached file and complete problem using the excel document. Intel Corporation is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips. The firm was incorporated in 1968 in Santa Clara, CA and represents one of the greatest success stories of the computer age. Although Intel continues to grow, the industry in which it operate